Houses New Crooswijk: 120 Houses and Apartments in Rotterdam

Houses New Crooswijk 2

Houses New Crooswijk is a project of 120 Houses and also Apartments in Rotterdam. Drost + van Veen as an architect has been designed a lot of houses and apartments in this area for sale and rent. The main idea is about designing houses in five blocks and mix it with apartments too. The total area of apartments is about 160-meter squares and the houses take 250-meter squares.

Five Blocks

Houses New Crooswijk 1

At the five blocks area, houses and apartments are mixed into one. The plan is also about creating a different type of buildings with the panda-wide allotment. The road will be also decorated with some big trees



Houses New Crooswijk 2

Drost + van Veen uses the bricks for the buildings in unexpected design. The binding element is created by the plinth forms. The bricks are made special only for this project, complete with the design idea of Rita Verhoeven.


Design Plan

Houses New Crooswijk 3

Drost + van Veen tries to make the five blocks well with the natural landscape around the site area. Those blocks are designed between the green ground. This design plan gives a fresher environment for houses and apartments.



Houses New Crooswijk 4

If you see some buildings of this project, the bricks still become the characteristic of every building design. The apartments will be designed with the bricks complete with a lot of large windows too on the building wall.



Houses New Crooswijk 5

The architecture of houses and apartments are not only located outside the building but also inside the building. You can find some beautiful patterns on the building architecture, both interior, and exterior of houses and apartments.



Houses New Crooswijk 6

The landscape view is created well by the bricks on the building. Besides the building design, Drost + van Veen also built the best facilities for every apartment. For example a parking area. The parking area is kind of large area which is available for the whole apartment occupants.

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