15 Nail Polish Storage Ideas

Every woman loves to beautify their nail with beautiful polishes. The problem is there are a lot of nail polish that they love and it needs to be organized well. If you are one of them, you should get a good storage to keep your precious nail polish. It will better if you can put it near your dresser or any place which is easy for you to reach. You can buy new storage or even make your own nail polish storage at your home. Check out these 15 nail polish storage ideas for your inspiration.


1. Wall Mounted Nail Polish Storage

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

This rack is a kind of wall-mounted rack with an awesome frame. It is perfect to be your nail polish because it can display the nail polish well on the wall.


2. Nail Polish Display Frame

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

This nail polish storage is not only a good storage but also a beautiful display with its frame design. The white color of it is just perfect for the design.


3. Red Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 3

Source: Pinterest

One of the best storage that you can use for your nail polish is the rack. Then if you think you need to beautify the rack, you can paint it with nice color.


4. Nail Polish Storage with Bucket

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 4

Source: Pinterest

It is a DIY nail polish storage that you can make by yourself at home. You can use a scrap wood and complete it with some buckets.


5. Ledge for Nail Polish

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 5

Source: Pinterest

The nail polish comes with a small cute size, so it is okay to use some ledges and put them on your bathroom wall as the best nail polish storage.


6. Nail Polish Shelf on Bookshelf

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 6

Source: Pinterest

Creating a nice polish shelf on the side of your bookshelf is not only a brilliant idea for your nail polish but also a clever idea to keep them when you don’t have any free space left.


7. Wrought Iron Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 7

Source: Pinterest

The wrought iron design of this nail polish rack is a cool one. The rack is the type of hanging rack so it is easy for you to move it from one room to another room.


8. Nail Polish Cube Storage

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 8

Source: Pinterest

Using a cube is also a good idea for your nail polish. You can use a crystal clear shoe drawer to organize them nicely in your home. It is a clever idea to save your budget.


9. Acrylic Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 9

Source: Pinterest

This acrylic rack will display your nail polish in a pretty way. The design is simple and it is also perfect to be put together with your makeup.


10. Creative Nail Polish Storage

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

When you don’t have any much nail polish now, you can try to use your mirror edge to put them well. It is one of creative storage idea without spending any budget.


11. Clear Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 11

Source: Pinterest

The design of this clear nail polish rack will organize your nail polish well and also display the nail polish prettier. The big size has a lot of capacity for your all nail polish.


12. Hanging Nail Polish Storage

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 12

Source: Pinterest

This hanging nail polish storage is so lovely. The idea is using a hanging storage which is easy to be used as the nail polish storage at home.


13. Nail Polish Drawer

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 13

Source: Pinterest

Another cool idea for your nail polish storage is using a drawer. It is one of the best options when you don’t want to display your nail polish on the wall.


14. Mosaic Mirror Framed Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 14

Source: Pinterest

This nail polish rack is designed with some mosaic pieces on its frame. It is also decorated with mirror frame style to make it looks more elegant.


15. Beautiful Nail Polish Shelf

Nail Polish Storage Ideas 15

Source: Pinterest

These beautiful white shelves come from IKEA. The simple design is perfect for all of your nail polish and of course, your home wall too. You can put them in your dresser room.

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