5 Top Bathroom Decorating Ideas

House In Gulbinai 9

Just like other rooms in your home, your bathroom needs to be decorated awesomely. With the right room decoration, your bathroom will be more comfortable. Using beautiful patterned tiles, a large mirror, or a unique bathroom sink is an easy way to decorate this room. Here are top bathroom decorating ideas that can inspire you. Check them out!


1. House in Gulbinai by Prusta Ltd Architecture & Construction

House In Gulbinai 9

This two-story large house has an awesome bathroom decorated in a modern style. House in Gulbinai uses patterned tiles to beautify the shower wall and the wall behind the mirror. The use of two unique mirrors also can create a spacious feeling in this bathroom.

Photography: Darius Gumbrevicius


2. The Sounding Space by Prusta Ltd Architecture & Construction

The Sounding Space 3

This spacious home has a combination of minimalist, modern, and industrial interior with oriental elements. The bathroom is designed with this combination as well. The Sounding Space uses industrial elements to decorate the bathroom interior while the red towel hanger becomes the highlight among these elements.

Photography: Leonas Garbacauskas


3. House in Vilnius by Prusta Ltd Architecture & Construction

House In Vilnius 3

The bathroom in House in Vilnius has a vintage interior and decorated with vintage elements too. It is a beautiful house where the bathroom is beautified by wood elements with a white bathtub and white bathroom sink. The long mirror can add a spacious effect to this small bathroom.

Photography: Leonas Garbacauskas


4. In the Mood by Prusta Ltd Architecture & Construction

In The Mood 11

In this large house, the bathroom is decorated in a simple way. In the Mood has a contemporary interior and also a natural atmosphere in its bathroom. With the combination of the wooden floor, white elements (bathtub, sink, and toilet), and a round mirror, this bathroom looks natural and comfortable.

Photography: Karlas


5. The House Black & White by Prusta Ltd Architecture & Construction

The House Black & White 18

The highlight in this bathroom is the textured wall. The House Black & White uses beautifully textured tiles to beautify its bathroom wall. Comes in a combination of black and gold, these tiles can create a luxurious style.

Photographer: Andrius Stepankevicius

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