5 Best Home Decor on A Budget

House G 12

Having a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home as comfortably as possible. It is a chance for you to be more creative with anything that you can have with this limited budget. You can start to find more simple decor for walls, or using some greeneries to fill in your home empty space. Below is the best home decor on a budget to inspire you.


1. Seaview Avenue Residence by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Seaview Avenue Residence 5

With a coastal lifestyle, home decor in Seaview Avenue Residence is perfect for you who have a beach residence. By only using wood material for decoration, the kitchen in this kitchen looks natural and awesome. This material is used to beautify the home floor, kitchen island, and kitchen wall.

Photographer: Shannon McGrath


2. Salto House by AMZ Arquitetos

Salto House 11

This vacation dwelling uses colors to decor its living area. Salto House has a warm living area that designed and decorated in brown. This color comes from the rug, sofa, chairs, and also the table. Placed within a white interior surface, this living area becomes the main highlight of the house.

Photographer: Maíra Acayaba


3. House in Urcasa by 05AM Architecture

House In Urcasa 8

For the home decor in this awesome house, a geometric pattern is used to develop it as well as responding to the condition of the site. House in Urcasa has a geometric pattern that also used to manage the privacy, sunshine, and surrounding views of the house.

Photographer: Eugeni Pons


4. Cabin in Lyngen Alps by Stinessen Arkitektur

Cabin In Lyngen Alps 3

The home decor for this cabin is made by considering the natural beauty of the surrounding site. Cabin in Lyngen Alps has a simple decoration on its living area where there are only chairs, table, sofas, and a soft rug on the wooden floor. In this area, one can enjoy the stunning views through the glazed walls and doors.

Photographer: Bent Rånes


5. House G by Masa Architects

House G 12

This old barn tuned into an entertaining place where there is a large kitchen-living room for entertainment, relaxation, and entertaining the wine tasting sessions for the client’s customers. House G has an awesome kitchen-living room decorated by exposed beams on the ceiling. The unique thing comes from the kitchen island and dining table designed with wheels.

Photographer: Filip Dujardin

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