Ideal Architectural Solutions for Your Sydney Home

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Building your home sure is a wonderful experience. Still, you probably know that this is a project that includes a lot of careful thinking and decision-making. One of the things you’ll have to be very careful is how your design fits in with other modern designs homeowners go for. So, just like the title says, if you’re building your new home in the wonderful city of Sydney, we have a couple of architectural solutions that might just be what you’re looking for. Make sure you check them all out.



We’ve all heard about the colonial style that originates from the 1600s when people started settling in America. This style is today popular all over the world and there are many people in Sydney who opted for it when building their homes. What characterizes this architectural design is that it has many variations due to the diversity of early settlers. However, most of the homes built this way have columns just outside the front door and evenly spaced shuttered windows. Moreover, dormers and chimneys are evenly spaced in order to create a more formal appearance.


Mediterranean style is influenced by the area after which it was named and it started to become popular in the early 1900s. The houses in Mediterranean style are modeled after hacienda style which includes elements such as heavy wooden door, red tile roof, and porticos. On top of that, if you go for this style you might want to include a few large balconies. If you’re building a house close to one of the popular Sydney beaches, this might just be a perfect architectural design for you to go choose.



The word “cottage” originates from the word “cotters” which was used for European peasant farmers in the middle ages. They used to live in small stone houses that today’s cottage-style houses are modeled after. These houses usually feature a curved entryway and a beautiful gravel walkway. Also, cottage-style houses tend to have wood siding and wooden windows. If you want to go for this style, you can also add a small porch in front of your home and plant a lot of flowers all over your front yard. You can go for both large trees and beautiful potted plants.


Now, Harvest is a design you’ll get to see if you decide to check out display homes in Sydney. What characterizes this style is a large driveway in front of the garage and symmetrical plants in the front yard. houses built in this style tend to have large windows on the front side of the house and stone or brick elements in the exterior. They also have big lounges right next to the entrance with other entertaining zones further back, which makes them perfect for catching a movie or playing darts.



Even though this style has undergone a lot of Westernization, it still holds much resemblance to Chinese architecture. Oriental style houses tend to go up in the air and curved roof that expands far beyond the exterior walls. Also, those with large backyards usually include a large swimming pool and an outdoor room. When it comes to the interior, they’re characterized by open space areas and large bedrooms. If you go for this style, you’ll probably want to decorate in oriental style as well. This means you should go for large pieces of wall art and cool water features.

No matter which of these solutions you go for, you’ll be guaranteed to end up with just a perfect new home many of your fellow Sydneysiders will be jealous of.

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