7 Beautiful Modern Home Decor

Hideaway House 6

One of the most beautiful home decors that perfect for any kind of house is modern. Modern home decor will not only make your home looks beautiful but also elegant and comfortable. You also don’t need a lot of things to bring a modern decoration to your home, using different colors and materials sometimes is enough. Below are some beautiful modern home decors to inspire you.


1. Broken House by KWK Promes

Broken House 6

It is a contemporary house that uses lighting as modern home decor. Broken House uses some small lightings to beautify and decorate the upstairs area, kitchen, and dining area. These lightings can create a warm and romantic atmosphere inside the house.

Photographer: Wojciech Krynski


2. Aatrial House by KWK Promes

Aatrial House 12

This new type of modern house has elegant modern home decor that can be seen in its living area. Aatrial House offers a modern living area with black sofas. The concrete floor of this area can reflect the modern interior of the house, creating a beautiful effect to see.

Photographer: Juliusz Sokotowski, Olo Studio


3.  By The Way House by KWK Promes

By The Way House 9

As a future house, By The Way House is designed with modern home decor that can be seen in its living area. This area is spacious, beautified by a black sofa, elegant white lamps, and also two unique decorations at the corner of the room.

Photography: KWK Promes


4. Quadrant House by KWK Promes

Quadrant House 4

Designed as the sunniest, simple, and relaxing house, Quadrant House has a simple modern home decor in its living room. Located in the same space as the dining room and kitchen, the living room is decorated with grey sofas and a big beautiful art on its wall.

Photography: Olo Studio, Juliusz Sokotowski, Jaroslaw Syrek


5. Hideaway House by TRIAS

Hideaway House 6

As a retreat place, Hideaway House has a unique, utilitarian beauty with its modern decoration. Dominated in wood for its structure, this house uses beautiful arts to fill some empty areas of the space. The wooden furniture is also used to create a balanced look with the wood structure.

Photographer: Jonathon Donnelly


6. Three Piece House by TRIAS

Three Piece House 19

This simple courtyard house has a pretty green chair in its living room. Three Piece House also uses a warm rug to decorate the room floor while a pot of plants is put in the corner of the room. Above the rug, a small wooden table can complete the entire look and decoration of this room.

Photographer: Benjamin Hosking


7. Stepping Stone House by HAMISH & LYONS Architects

Stepping Stone House 13

This elevated living space has a strong connection with its surrounding. In order to enhance this connection, Stepping Stone House uses a simple modern home decor with wood elements for its structure and furniture. For a decorative look, yellow wooden chairs are used for the dining area.

Photographer: James Brittain

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