5 Cool Home Decor for Bedroom

Genius Loci 3

As a private room, the bedroom is usually designed and decorated based on the wishes of the owner. In order to create a comfortable and decorative bedroom, you don’t need any expensive things t0 buy. Sometimes simple home decor for the bedroom is enough to make it looks awesome and cool. Here are some home decors for bedrooms to inspire you.


1. The Signal House by Fraher and Findlay

The Signal Kitchen 15

A strong sense can be seen in The Signal House, including its bedroom. The home decor for this bedroom is simple, using two artworks that put on the walls behind the bed. The two sides of the bed are also decorated with bedroom wall lights.

Photographer: Adam Scott


2. Dehavilland by Russian for Fish

Dehavilland 7

In Dehavilland, the bedroom is dominated by white. This white accent comes from its bed, storage, wall, and also the ceiling. For the decoration, a beautiful patterned rug is added. Above the storage, some simple decorations are also added such as a pot of plants and a small animal sculpture.

Photographer: Peter Landers


3. City View House by Russian For Fish

City View House 5

It is the first-floor studio apartment with an open-plan character. The bedroom in City View House has existing dark timber floors painted with black-and-white chequerboard patterns. These patterns are awesome decoration for this bedroom that surrounded by a white interior.

Photography: Russian for Fish


4. Genius Loci by Bates Masi Architects

Genius Loci 3

It is a house with “Spirit of Montauk” and also a modern bedroom that has wood elements inside. The bedroom in Genius Loci is decorated by a wooden floor, ceiling, and also storage. The large mirror can reflect the beauty of this room and also add an elegant touch to the interior.

Photographer: Michael Moran


5. Sam’s Creek by Bates Masi Architects

Sam's Creek 4

Wrapped by mahogany boards, the modern bedroom in Sam’s Creek looks luxurious and awesome. These boards can create an interesting highlight in this bedroom, offering a new feeling which is different from other rooms inside the house.

Photographer: Bates Masi Architects

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