5 Fascinating Home Decor Ideas with Indoor Plants

TLV Apartment 3 2

Using some indoor plants to decorate your home is one of the fascinating ideas. Besides the beauty, indoor plants also can create a fresh atmosphere and a natural look to your home. You can put indoor plants on the corner of the room or using the small ones to hang on your home walls. Here are some home decor ideas with indoor plants to inspire you.


1. TLV Apartment 3 by Perri Interior Design and Preiss Architects

TLV Apartment 3 2

This modern apartment has a simple home decoration by using an indoor plant to beautify its dining room. TLV Apartment 3 decorates its dining room by putting one big indoor plant at the corner of the room. One plant is enough to create a comfortable and fresh atmosphere.

Photographer: 181 Architecture Photography / Gideon Levin


2. Casa Baretto by Adriano Pupilli Architects

Casa Baretto 8

A sense of openness and natural light can be found in the dining and living room of this apartment. Casa Baretto uses a beautiful flower to decorate its dining table and one big indoor plant at the corner of the living room.

Photographer: Simon Whitbread


3. TLV Apartment 5 by Studio Perri Interior Design

TLV Apartment 5 3

This modern urban apartment also uses indoor plants to design and decorate its living room. In TLV Apartment 5, indoor vines can be seen above the flat TV. These indoor vines are also used to decorate the dining and kitchen area of the apartment.

Photographer: 181 Architecture Photography / Gideon Levin


4. Deck Restaurant by Rama Estudio

Deck Restaurant 5

The decor ideas with indoor plants in this restaurant also can be the best inspiration for you. Deck Restaurant uses indoor plants to the decor its interior. These plants are hung on the wall of the restaurant, serving as a wall decoration and a room fresher.

Photographer: JAG studio


5. Edificio Criba by Rama Estudio

Edificio Criba 9

This unique house has fragmenting walls and also a permeable irregular screen to open onto the street. Edificio Criba also uses one indoor plant to decorate its main space in a simple way. This indoor plant is a vase of a beautiful flower.

Photographer: JAG Studio

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