5 Top Home Decor for Small Apartments

De Waterkant South Africa 10

You may have some difficulties when you live in a small apartment. With small spaces, sometimes you don’t have a chance to decorate them with many things. For your small apartment, you can start to use simple and easy home decor that suits your taste and match your apartment design. Below are top home decor for small apartments to inspire you more.


1. City View House by Russian For Fish

City View House 3

This  first-floor studio apartment has an open-plan character that makes it unique. City View House has a decorative look that comes from its floor. With the black-and-white chequerboard patterns, the architect can minimize the design costs.

Photography: Courtesy of Russian for Fish


2. De Waterkant South Africa by ARRCC

De Waterkant South Africa 10

The living area in De Waterkant South Africa is decorated in an awesome way. This duplex apartment is decorated in different colors and patterns. The main highlight is the amazing art on the wall near the apartment staircase.

Photography: ARRCC


3. Apartment by the Lake by Atelier Starzak Strebicki

Apartment By The Lake 8

In the kitchen and living area, the beautiful pattern of the tiles is used to decorate the floor and some parts of the wall. Apartment by the Lake turns into an awesome apartment which is unique and different from others.

Photographer: Mateusz Bieniaszczyk


4. Casa Baretto by Adriano Pupilli

Casa Baretto 11

Besides the wooden element that comes from the furniture and floor, the dining area in Casa Baretto is also decorated with an awesome wall art. A vase of beautiful flower is also put on the middle of the dining table to complete the natural look.

Photographer: Simon Whitbread


5. Tucuna Apartment by Tria Arquitetura

Tucuna Apartment 2

The brick and wooden walls in this modern apartment can attract everyone attention who sees it. The kitchen in Tucuna Apartment is decorated in black while the dining area is beautified by unique light bulbs.

Photographer: Julia Ribeiro

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