Cozy Small Bedroom Tips: 12 Ideas to Bring Comforts into Your Small Room

Having a small bedroom can be tricky to manage. A bit of clutter can make it look cramped, while minimizing decoration may leave you with a plain, boring sight. The storage issue is one of the challenges; the other is to make it looks cozy without throwing away too much of your personal items.

If you have the same problem, let’s check whether those cozy small bedroom tips can be applied to yours as well.

1. Do not underestimate the good bedding

Just because your room is small doesn’t mean you have to sleep on a hard, small couch. On the contrary, make the bedding as the focal point of your room. Each room requires a prominent spot which acts as a center stage. It helps to take away our sight from other less-organized spots. In a small space, eyes are easily attracted to the window. Place the bed near it and dress one of the elements in a neutral tone to create a nice focus.

Remember to downsize your bed a little bit. The main concern is the comfort; it is a place to relax and linger. Spending extra bucks on plush bedding with high-quality fabric will be your best investment. Not only for the looks of it but also for a good night rest.

2. Adjust the lighting

Lighting is one of the key points in cozy small bedroom tips. Natural light from the window is gorgeous during the day. However, in the night it is important to keep it in a soft, dimmed mood. A bedside lamp is suitable to provide a subtle light. However, in a small space, it is important to utilize the surface efficiently. Leave the nightstand or bedside space free, and switch to the overhead light.

Many people advise against overhead light because it is often too strong. Therefore, it is important to use a dimmer. Or, if you are willing to spend extra, install a wooden ceiling beam which gives a warm atmosphere. It doesn’t take a floor space, yet enhances the cozy feeling in the room.

3. Don’t hesitate to put away electronics

The bedroom is, after all, a place to rest and recharge your body. Electronics such as television, PC, or game console not only acts as the opposite of cozy look but also reducing the comfort level. The blue light from these devices suppresses melatonin, an essential hormone for a good rest. If you have to take your gadget into the bedroom, such as phone or laptop, put it away from your bed. Place it on closed shelves or a drawer.

4. Pick a light or neutral tone

Light colors create the illusion of larger space as well as give a calming effect to any kind of room. To avoid it from looking plain, add texture or pattern from knitted material, a darker hue for accentuation, or vintage decoration.

5. Play with color and pattern of the blankets

A blanket is always present in the bedroom, why don’t optimize its function to serve as decoration as well? Play with the texture and pattern, or add more than one blanket to mix and match the color. The soft, delicate texture of the blanket could accentuate a dull, plain bed sheet.

6. Put a rug near your bed

You don’t need to cover the whole floor. Just a square one near your bed is enough. Placing a rug is a nice way to enhance a comfy look and at the same time providing warmth. The feeling of soft, warm rug underneath your feet could act as therapeutic massage before you go to bed.

7. Hidden storage room

If you can customize your bed support into a drawer, it will be an efficient storage room. However, it requires planning and extra spending. For an easy alternative, you can stash boxes under the bed, and put some items there. Some shops provide vintage boxes with beautiful design, so you don’t even need to hide it. But, you can use any box on hands and let the bed cover hide it from the view. Other ways to create extra storage room is to use shelves or chest as a nightstand.

8. Choose soft-edged furniture

A small room always gets benefit from soft, rounded edges furniture. Round edges give the impression of extra spaces and safe people from pointy edges. That way, the walkways between the furniture could feel wider.

9. Pick the right decoration

Warm wooden furniture can be accentuated with a vintage vase filled with fresh flowers. Place it next to the window to safe spaces, or above the bookshelf in a peaceful corner.

10. Spare a wall for a big mirror

It is the oldest trick to make a small room appear larger. The mirror creates an illusion of extra space beneath the wall.

11. Don’t waste space in the wall

Aside from mirror, spare wall space for functional storage instead of using it for artworks. A hanging bookshelf is great ways to ‘decorate’ your wall space with functional items. Choose the shelves that run the length of the bedroom to create a more spacious impression.

12. Don’t forget the scent

A scent contributes greatly to create a cozy atmosphere. You can put any scent according to your taste. Some of the most popular are the vanilla scent to create a warm atmosphere and lavender for relaxation.

So, don’t be discouraged by a lack of space. Those are some basic ideas for a cozy small bedroom tips; you can find more creative ways to enhance the comfy-look that suits your room’s setting. Don’t forget to give your personal touch into it!

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