Modern Beach House Design Ideas to Welcome Summer

Modern house with a swimming pool, modern pool villa at the beach
Modern house with a swimming pool, modern pool villa at the beach

Beach house generally has a laid-back, relaxing atmosphere, because it functions as a beachside retreat. Modern beach house design may follow the current trend, but still has this general characteristic. An ideal beach house should have a great view to the beach, practical furniture pieces, lightweight fabric elements, and a spacious feeling.

Preparing a beach house to welcome summer may involve some cleaning and refurbishing, especially if you only visit it during the holiday. Here are general ideas to apply in a standard summer beach house, regardless of design.

Beach House Arrangement for Spacious Rooms

A cramped room can feel stifling during summer, especially in the tropical coast area. Decoration a beach house requires a special arrangement to avoid cramped look, without making the rooms feel “empty”. Sleek furniture that emphasizes function over decoration is a common solution. Since a beach house is usually visited during a short time (such as summer holiday), bare furniture is a sensible option.

Reducing permanent partitions and walls is also great to create an airy, spacious feeling. Most beach houses have an open design that reduces the use of permanent partitions. All functional rooms are visually connected, creating a comfortable living space. Removable panels or curtains can be partition alternatives if necessary.

Natural Light and Air Circulation

Beach area is generally warm, so an ideal beach house should have a natural light source and air circulation. Large windows that face the ocean provide enough light to illuminate the entire house during the day. They consist of large glass panels and light draperies, which protect the house from excessive light without blocking it.

Modern houses often have sliding doors that consist of glass panels. These doors function as “windows” when closed, reducing the visual obstruction. Sliding doors also reduce the physical bulks, perfect for a small beach house.

Light Shades and Materials

Many modern beach houses use white shades for their walls. White is a “safe” option for a house that is usually visited during summer. The color feels light and does not stifle your eyes. White is also perfect to be paired with any colors, like navy blue, beige, or light blue. These colors evoke the summer beach, making the house feel more “tune-in” with the surrounding views.

Another common element in a beach house is light materials. Bamboo and wooden furniture items, such as reclining chairs, benches, and coffee tables, are common. Draperies also lean to the lighter shades, such as sheer linen curtains. Rugs are thin and practical, enough to cover the designated areas, but not too thick or overwhelming.

Natural Materials as Accents

Rattan, sisal, and woven grass are common in beach houses, especially the ones with tropical vibes. Rattan furniture is light but flexible, easy to move around and can “follow” the body after years of use. Woven grass and sisal are popular for rugs, table covers, and window blinds. They may look rough, but they are light and cool. Their textures also serve as natural decorations.

Creating a modern beach house design requires attention to space size, light source, air circulation, and temperature. With the right decoration, a beach house will look beautiful and feel comfortable. Perfect to welcome summer.

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