5 Tips for Choosing the Right Size Air Filter for Your AC

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The air quality of your home has a huge impact on your physical and mental health. So it is necessary to keep the air quality of your home as satisfactory as possible. Air filters can do this job perfectly for you. Air filters remove impurities, such as dust, molds, allergens, etc., from the air. But keep in mind that only the right size filter can give you the ideal service. Therefore, finding the right size filter for the AC is crucial.

Reasons Why You Need the Right Size Air Filter

If you ever buy an air filter that does not fit your AC, you will need to return it rather than cut it to fit the AC. Because using a filter that does not fit your AC perfectly can be harmful. Cutting it might create air gaps that will let dust or other contaminants pass through the air filter easily. As a result, the filter will get clogged faster.

Using a clogged air filter is never a good idea because;

  • Clogged air filters restrict the airflow of the AC and cannot purify the air properly.
  • Dirty air filters can be responsible for increasing power bills at an unusual rate since the AC will require more energy to pull air.
  • The air quality of the house will not be able to improve properly since the cooling system has become inefficient.
  • Home become dustier than usual.

How to Find the Right Size Air Filter for the AC

There are a few ways to find the exact size of your HVAC system’s air filter. Here we have made a list of ways for your convenience-

  • By Checking the Current Filter: Most air filters’ size is printed on their body. A filter’s dimensions are usually written as length, width, and depth, like 20x20x1. So by checking the air filter accordingly, you might find its dimensions written on it, then buy the right size that fits your AC!
  • By Measuring the Current Filter: If you can’t find the dimensions printed on it, you can measure it using a tape measure. Carefully take the measurements of the filter’s length, width, and depth in inches. You might see that the measured sizes are not round numbers. Rather than getting confused about it, you can check Simply Filters to find the right size filter for the AC.
  • Check the HVAC User’s Manual: If the above two approaches fail, neither can you find the dimensions written on it nor measure it properly. Then you can try checking the product’s user manual or directly contacting the manufacturer of your current filter. The manufacturer can help you figure out the right size filter for your AC, giving them the exact specifications of the filter and the AC.


Air filters are not a core part of the AC, but it plays a critical role in boosting performance and efficiency. We often forget to replace the clogged and dirty air filters or sometimes mistakenly buy the wrong size filter. These can hamper the air conditioning system, furthermore, will not be able to enhance the air quality. So for a better living experience, find the proper air filter for the AC.

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