Modern Apartments with Bright Accents

Modern Apartments With Bright Accents 23

Located in Okhta Park in the Leningrad region, Russia, Modern Apartments with Bright Accents is an awesome residential project designed by Alexey Samotaev. The apartments sit in the sports village close to the Okhta Park resort. The customer’s main wish was to create a functional, bright, harmonious, light, and cozy interior with bright accents in a modern style.

The main advantage of these apartments is the inclusion of panoramic windows in every room, facilitating the maximum entry of natural light.

Mostly light-colored fronts in the kitchen enhanced the room’s brightness while natural oak veneer inserts in lacquer tinting provided a natural personality. An island in the same light colors is the center composition, complemented by vibrant furniture such as a compact half-bar counter and kitchen chairs.

Overall, the apartment’s rooms are adorned with natural materials like wood, stone, and textiles. The bedroom, specifically, was crafted with serene, warm, and light tones in mind.

Alexey Samotaev opted for painting as the primary decorative method for the apartment’s walls, aside from a single wall in the bedroom. The finishing touch in this room takes the form of plaster with a muddled effect, which undoubtedly adds a touch of ruggedness to this light interior.

A 3D gypsum panel is the connecting element in the bedroom which combines the facades of the wardrobe, the color of the bedspread, and the texture with rough plaster.

It is a perfect apartment for hosting guests. There are cozy spaces for socializing in the kitchen area and also a comfortable double sleeping spot in the cozy living room for overnight visitors.

Modern Apartments with Bright Accents Gallery

Author of the project and photo: Alexey Samotaev
Location: Russia, Leningrad region
Square: 60 m2

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