Museum of Selfishness: A Bachelor’s Apartment

Museum Of Selfishness 6

Kvadrat Architects Design Studio has an awesome interior design project to share with you: “Museum of Selfishness: A Bachelor’s Apartment“. Located in Astana, Kazakhstan, this project is all about creating an expansive feeling inside the modest interior of a bachelor’s apartment.

Despite its modest size of only 47 square meters, this apartment is a true testament to expansive design thinking. Embracing a minimalist approach, the architects have created a space that feels both spacious and warm for a young bachelor by bringing laconic geometry, enveloping chocolate and coffee shades, and a special lighting system with spot accents.

Rethinking space implies significant square footage is a clear exception to Kvadrat architects’ projects, but the lifestyle and preferences of the owner rhymed with the principles and vision of the designers.

Everything unnecessary for the client was removed, such as a large kitchen area, dining table, and interior doors. The geometric bases of the space were expanded, filled with energy and space, and warmth with the color palette.

The modest area of this apartment is a challenge for a designer but through this project, the designers can show their power of architectural and design skills in solving the challenge. By meticulously studying the client’s aesthetic preferences, the project’s creators unified every element of the interior, creating a harmonious whole.

The distinctive approach taken towards the dwelling provides a cohesive backdrop for the entire apartment. Rather than dividing it into separate rooms, the designers ensured each area seamlessly transitioned into the next, forging a concise entity.

The result of this project is a living space that eschews the usual conventions, embracing a delicate minimalist aesthetic that breathes life into every corner.

Museum of Selfishness Gallery

Principal designers: Rustam Minnekhanov, Sergey Bekmukhanbetov

Project Location: Astana, Kazakhstan

Built area: 47 m2

Renderings: Kvadrat architects (,

Brands in the project: Lema, Centrsvet, Somfy (blinds), custom-made
furniture “Goryachev”.

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