Sonoma House: A Harmonious Construction with An Awesome Panorama

Sonoma House 38

Completed by Roca Arquitectos in 2019, Sonoma House is a beach house located near Punta Gorda hill. This house is an ideal space to escape from the hustle and enjoy a pleasant rest. Designed in a modern style, the result of this project is a harmonious construction of the house with the surrounding panorama.


Sonoma House 78

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Sonoma House 70

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Sonoma House 72

Situated near Punta Gorda hill, it only takes 15 minutes to drive from San Jose to this house. The house has awesome views toward the sunrise over the Cortez Sea with its crystalline waters, inviting everyone to enjoy the landscapes where the desert becomes the sea.



Sonoma House 73

Sonoma House 74

Sonoma House 75

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Sonoma House 77

Sonoma House 64

Sonoma House 65

This project is completed with a concept of isolated volumes. The owners’ requirement is about creating private environments for guests where two of them have rooms for guests arranged with a private bathroom and a bedroom in the middle of an elongated volume. This volume functions as a common area, coexisting with the kitchen, dining room, and living room.



Sonoma House 66

Sonoma House 67

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Sonoma House 69

Sonoma House 55

Sonoma House 56

Sonoma House 57

The pool is a cozy area for refreshing and enjoying the awesome view of the sea at the same. It has a 10-meter swimming channel and a jacuzzi. The fire pit area is completed with a laydown sofa which is comfortable for relaxing and admiring the city skies.



Sonoma House 58

Sonoma House 59

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Sonoma House 62

Sonoma House 48

Sonoma House 49

An off-grid solar energy system is used to supply the owners’ daily needs since the site of this project is away from the electrical infrastructure of San José del Cabo.

There are color samples prepared for the concrete during the design process to find a perfect color to match the land’s topography and the desert environment. The structure of this house emerges from the ground and blends with the rocky landscape of the hill.



Sonoma House 50

Sonoma House 51

Sonoma House 52

Sonoma House 53

Sonoma House 54

Sonoma House 41

Sonoma House 42

There is no significant difference between the interior and exterior of the house. The interior has wide spaces with good access to cross ventilation and natural light. The furniture and concrete floors give a feeling of durability and neutrality.

A patio is flanked by breeze walls, providing freshness and privacy so someone can see awesome colorful sunsets in the afternoon.



Sonoma House 43

Sonoma House 44

Sonoma House 45

Sonoma House 46

Sonoma House 47

Sonoma House 33

Sonoma House 34

This project is not only about a beach house designed in a modern style but also about a harmonious construction with an awesome panorama surrounding it. This house becomes a perfect place to run away from the city hustle and enjoy the nature of Baja California Sur.


Sonoma House Gallery

Photography: Rachael Mann, Apertura Arquitectónica

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