10 Popular Neutral Bedroom Decors that Looks Calming And Aesthetic

Bedroom interior mockup with gray bed on empty wooden wall background.

A bedroom should be a haven, a place to relax and recharge after a long day. And what better way to achieve that than with a soothing, neutral color scheme? Neutral colors are classic and never go out of style. They work well with lots of texture and can give your bedroom an aesthetic look. Plus, they create a calming atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating with neutrals. You can go for a clean and modern look, or add some warmth with wood furnishings. You can also mix and match different textures to create interest.

No matter what style you choose, the neutral bedroom decor is sure to give you the peace and relaxation you crave. So why not give it a try? You may just find that it’s the perfect way to transform your bedroom into the ultimate retreat!

Take a look at these popular neutral bedroom decors that looks calming and aesthetic to get more inspiration for your own bedroom.

1. Meadow Beach House by Andrew Franz Architect

Meadow Beach House 20

Designed as a beach house, Meadow Beach House by Andrew Franz Architect has a popular neutral bedroom decor that looks calming and aesthetic. The shades of wood color from the bed, headboard, ceiling, and windows create a calming atmosphere in this cozy bedroom.

Photographer: Albert Vecerka / Esto


2. Sullivan’s Island by Kate Towill from Basic Projects

Sullivan's Island 20

A popular neutral bedroom decor that looks calming and aesthetic also can be seen in this surf-crazed house. Sullivan’s Island by Kate Towill from Basic Projects has a neutral bedroom with a classic look. The bed, rug, furniture, and even the shutters of the windows are the classic elements in this bedroom.

Photographer: Olivia Rae James


3. Percy Street by Basic Projects

Percy Street 14

Beautified in white, the bedroom in Percy Street looks calming and comfortable. It is a popular neutral bedroom decor to uses neutral colors and white is one of recommended neutral colors. The best thing about having a white bedroom interior is this color works well with lots of textures.

Photographer: Olivia Rae James


4. Chez Michelle by Bloomint Interior Design

Chez Michelle 3

Chez Michelle by Bloomint Interior Design has a popular neutral bedroom decor that doesn’t only look calming but also inviting. This bedroom has some best neutral decors such as wooden furniture, a grey rug, and a pot of plants. In order to remove a plain wall, a leaf print wallpaper is added.

Photographer: Margaret Stepien


5. Phelps Residence by Assembledge+

Phelps Residence 3

If you also want to have a simple look in your neutral bedroom, check out this one. Phelps Residence by Assembledge+ is a regional mid-century house that has a big bedroom with a popular neutral bedroom decor. The neutral elements such as wooden furniture and floor can create a simple and calming look at the same time.

Photographer: Paul Vu


6. JPS Apartment by Studio AG Architecture

JPS Apartment 6

White and wood color are combined to create a cozy neutral bedroom in JPS Apartment by Studio AG Architecture. It is a popular neutral bedroom decor that can invite everyone to enter the room and relax in a calming atmosphere.

Photographer: Ricardo Bassetti


7. Linaya by Delution

Linaya 22

Linaya by Delution also uses a popular neutral bedroom decor to beautify its modern bedroom. White interior meets wood elements from the furniture and floor, resulting in a calming atmosphere. The expansive window allows one to enjoy the sky view outside.

Photographer: Fernando Gomulya


8. Khun Kwin’s Residence by GLA Design Studio

Khun Kwin Residence 11

Using wood as the main neutral element is also a popular neutral bedroom decor to make your bedroom warm and calming. Khun Kwin’s Residence by GLA Design Studio uses wood as the main material to design its neutral bedroom floor and wall, completed with wooden furniture as well.

Photography: GLA Design Studio


9. Cap St-Martin House by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Cap St Martin House 10

The neutral bedroom in Cap St-Martin House is simple, bright, and calming. It is a popular neutral bedroom decor that looks aesthetic as well with a wooden floor and a wooden ceiling. Through a glazed door, the room’s owner can access the balcony to enjoy the outdoors.

Photographer: Adrien Williams


10. Roscoe House by Akin Atelier

Roscoe House 3

A popular neutral bedroom decor also works well for a small bedroom. Roscoe House by Akin Atelier is a family home that has a small bedroom that looks calming and cozy with neutral decors (wooden furniture and window). Through the window, the room owner can enjoy green views outside.

Image Source: Akin Atelier

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