10 Ideas to Detuscanize Your Bathroom by Adding New Vanity

Interiors of the Modern Bathroom

A bathroom vanity will give you a lot of benefits. It provides extra storage and free space in your bathroom. You also can be used a bathroom vanity as the focal point of the bathroom interior to unify the whole interior design.

Here are 10 ideas to detuscanize your bathroom by adding new vanity that can inspire you.

1. Folded View House by ANX / Aaron Neubert Architects

Folded View House 17

Designed by ANX / Aaron Neubert Architects, Folded View House uses its bathroom vanity as the striking focal point of the room. The idea is about highlighting the vanity with a dark color that looks in contrast with a bright white interior.

Photographer: Brian Thomas Jones


2. VH6 House by Idee Architects

VH6 House 31

You can also detuscanize your bathroom by adding a new vanity just like the idea in VH6 House by Idee Architects. This house uses a simple vanity to complete its bathroom interior. The vanity is made of two different materials: marble and wood.

Photographer: Trieu Chien


3. Nasledie by Kerimov Architect

Nasledie 21

Adding a new modern vanity to detuscanize your bathroom is also a great idea. Nasledie by Kerimov Architect has a modern bathroom vanity with two sinks. A large mirror is also added to make the bathroom looks larger than it seems.

Photographer: Dmitry Chebanenk


4. Gitarren Haus by Bijl Architecture

Gitarren Haus 3

Gitarren Haus by Bijl Architecture uses a built-in vanity for its bathroom. The idea is about combining wood and marble to beautify the bathroom’s white interior while the mirror can create an elegant look.

Photographer: Katherine Lu


5. Chalet Bolton-Est by BOOM TOWN

Chalet Bolton Est 1

Designed by BOOM TOWN, Chalet Bolton-Est is a large cottage with a cottage-style vanity to beautify its bathroom interior. Made from wood, this vanity is the focal point of the bathroom.

Photographer: Mario C. Melillo and Angus McRitchie


6. Five Shadows by CLB Architects

Five Shadows 21

Wood and marble are combined to beautify the bathroom interior in Five Shadows by CLB Architects. The idea is about creating an elegant look by using durable materials and a modern vanity as well that is completed with a large mirror.

Photographer: Matthew Millman


7. Villa C by Juma Architects

Villa C 6

Villa C by Juma Architect has a modern bathroom with a natural look that comes from the vanity. The lower storage is made of wood while additional storage can be found behind the mirror.

Photographer: Annick Vernimmen


8. Victoria Residence by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Victoria Residence 14

Victoria Residence by Nico van der Meulen Architects uses its bathroom vanity as the focal point of the bathroom. The wood and marble material can be seen on the vanity. Dim lights are also used to highlight the bathroom interior.

Photographer: Anton van Straaten


9. SoMa Loft by Studio VARA

SoMa Loft 5

Adding a big wooden vanity to create an awesome bathroom interior is the main idea that you can found in SoMa Loft by Studio VARA. This big wooden vanity is also highlighted with dim lights.

Photography: Studio VARA


10. Traditional Texas Home by Arbib Hughey Design

Traditional Texas Home 9

Beautiful in white, Traditional Texas Home by Arbib Hughey Design uses a big white vanity to complete the interior design of its bathroom. With the marble surface, this vanity also looks elegant and glamorous.

Photography: Andrew Calo

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