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Green House: A Modern House with A Living, Breathing, Sustainable Space

The inspiration for this modern house comes from the client’s connection with the landscape. Green House is located on a narrow site in Melbourne, the North Carlton, designed by Zen Architects. This house also represents the innovative use of sustainable design principles. The result of this project is a living, breathing, sustainable space.

Pool House: A Multi-Generational Home with A Modern, Context-Sensitive Development

Located in Fitzroy North, Zen Architects transform this client’s existing property into a multi-generational home for life. Pool House is designed to provide the family member needs so they could live both now and into the future. A modern, context-sensitive development is done to this house, especially to overcome the shortfalls of older style terrace housing.

Art House & Studio: Natural Local Materials Meet Original Victorian Character

In collaboration with Eckersley Garden Architecture for this house landscape, Zen Architects has been completed an art-house and studio by retaining its original Victorian character as much as possible. Art House & Studio is located in Brunswick, Australia, featuring natural local materials re-imagined through local craftsmanship and manufacturing.