UB12: A Single-Storey House with Several Rooms of Dramatic Vertical Dimension

UB12 8

It is the 10th project in Central City and the program’s fourth house on Toledano that situated across the street from URBANbuild 7 directly. For UB12, NHS allows the students to design a two-bedroom scheme, so they able to develop a single-storey house that features several rooms of dramatic vertical dimension.


UB12 1

UB12 2

UB12 3

UB12 4

The students also can provide greater detail and solution by reducing the scope of work in this project. This house offers several rooms of dramatic vertical dimension as the design strategy is not limited by a plane of the second-floor ceiling.



UB12 5

UB12 6

UB12 7

UB12 8

The front stoop of the scheme for this house is provided as an investment in the neighborhood’s social culture with a shutter system. This system is designed to operate across the front of the stoop for security and privacy. The scheme’s internal spatial developments also respond to the central, double glass wall clerestory window that brings a lot of northern natural light into the living spaces and bedrooms.

It is a simple house organized around a linear mechanical core that houses the refrigerator, range, washer and dryer, and also air conditioning system. The conditioned air is dispersed to the house from this linear mechanical core. The reduced scope of this project allows the students to focus on achieving a finer degree of resolution and they also able to custom fabricate front and rear shutter systems, an island counter, and a hanging light fixture.


UB12 Gallery


Photography: URBANbuild

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