Writers Cottage 2 9

Writers’ Cottage 2: A Countyside Cottage with A Glazed Facade and Generous View

It is a 2014 project of cottage owned by writers as the clients. Writers’ Cottage 2 is located in Oslo, Norway with 15 m², designed as an annex building by Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects. This cottage sits in the garden of two professionals in a suburban residential area. It is a cottage in the countryside with a generous view that can be seen through the glazed facade.

Munthes Gate 29 House 10

Munthes Gate 29 House: A Residential Building with A Low Profile and Existing Red Bricks

By using natural materials, oak and copper, the periods’ expression can be inforced and the existing red bricks also can be complemented. For the exterior areas, corten steel and granite stone are also added. A coherent, warm expression comes from attention to detail, a balanced color scheme, and formal abstraction. This expression can bring back to life the old “Munthes gate 29” award-winning building timeless, classic qualities.

Haraldsheimveien 5

Haraldsheimveien: Two Vertically Divided Houses with A Modified Basic Roof Shape and Shared Parking Garage

The starting point of this house design comes from its gabled roof. The basic shape of this roof is modified to highlight the house structure. The house facade is also divided into three strata of wood, glass, and concrete. Each unit can be accessed in stairs from a half level, minimizing the houses’ terrain impact. Direct access is added into the main living floor to the continuous band of windows and gardens while the second floor consists of bathrooms and bedrooms.