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Skogbrynet Houses: Three Houses with Sloping Terrain and Cedar Cladding Facade

This subtraction can improve the light quality that emitted to the private garden and the overall volume is given a less continuous expression. The facade of the house is beautified by a cedar cladding in a concrete base. A wooden frame is added to the windows just like the edges with a profile given to emphasize the precise shape to the house.

Haraldsheimveien: Two Vertically Divided Houses with A Modified Basic Roof Shape and Shared Parking Garage

The starting point of this house design comes from its gabled roof. The basic shape of this roof is modified to highlight the house structure. The house facade is also divided into three strata of wood, glass, and concrete. Each unit can be accessed in stairs from a half level, minimizing the houses’ terrain impact. Direct access is added into the main living floor to the continuous band of windows and gardens while the second floor consists of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Risalleen House: An Existing Villa Rehabilitation and Integration of Two New, Small Single-Family Houses

A continuous window strip of some different heights is allowed by the open character of the houses, giving several different atmospheres to the big room. The exposed wooden structure turns into an important part of the architectural language throughout the houses in the ceiling. This wooden structure is also visible to the outside, clad with vertical Baubuche laminated beech wood.

Bjerkealleen: A Compact, Rectangular House with A Red-Painted Wooden Cladding on Brick Base

The two outdoor spaces are the volume subtractions to ensure the roofed spaces and compact expression. The facade of the house consists of horizontal bands, with a red-painted wooden and a brick base. The red tone comes from the brick and it can complement the cladding to ensure the coherent exterior expression.

Norengveien: Two Identical Buildings with Traditional Norwegian House Shape and Gabled Roof

A dark-stained wooden structure can be found on the concrete base. The facade of the building appears rough and massive, and french balconies are naturally integrated after exposing the wooden structure. The facade walls’ depth allows each unit’s privacy of the buildings gets a closed appearance. The design aim is to give a solid and durable language and a simple and classic look through the details.

Villa AT: A Family House with An Abundance of Light and Closer Relationship with the Landscape

The result of this awesome project is a warm and comfortable family that is modestly sized that can cover its relative lack of scale with the ever-closer relationship with the landscape and an abundance of light. This house also can get a lot of advantages from the landscape views that come to the house interior through the elegant glass walls.