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Akiruno Nursery School: A Modern Kindegarten with A Diverse and Free Space

While imagining the children’s activities at the floor level of the building, the design is also adjusted so the interference between the wall and the ceiling is achieved and the exact result of the design can be shown. A diverse and free space is also created that can’t be understood from the design plan alone.

Yoyogi Nishihara Terrace: Co-Operative Apartment Houses with A Rooftop Penthouse

The site of the building is an undulating and greenery area of ​​Tokyo Yamanote, so the architect tries to attract more great views of surroundings such as green spaces on the premises of the neighbor and cherry blossom trees on the front road. The dwelling type is also combined complicatedly just like 3D puzzles that can create a unique look for everyone who sees it.

Higashi Ikebukuro House: A Rental Store and House with Structural Elements and Meshed Stairs

The space under the stairs can be transformed into a rental store, the corridor on the second floor becomes a workspace, and the stairs on the third floor can be used with house furniture integrally. By combining the use of space and stairs, there is another use inside the house while having the original uses of each other.

Ginza Small Tower: A Commercial Building on A Site as Thin as An Alley with Concrete Structure

Made of steel and glass, the staircase acts as an expansion joint between the two concrete volumes. The front volume of the building is counterweighed by a matt slab of 1.2 meters due to the seismic risk in Japan and its tall-thin proportion. The architect adds a roof terrace enclosed by a perimeter wall of 2.4m to increase the slenderness. This addition can result in a very unusual proportion of 1:7.7.

Yanaka Terrace: The Cooperative Housing of Nine Houses with “Texture of City”

This project is a cooperative project, so the production of human relations and the production of architecture simultaneously advance. It is very effective too to include a workshop in the process design that can polish up the “texture of city”. In the future, the architect wishes that this building will be “the historic property of the area”.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe by Schemata Architects

If you have a good time to come to Japan, you need to see this awesome Cafe. Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe is a coffee cafe which is located in Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. It is built by the Schemata Architects and Jo Nagasaka is the man in charge of this cafe. The Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe is a project in 2017 with 100 meters square of large. At first, this cafe was a 50 years old building with a low-rise type near the Sangenjaya Station.

The Clearwater House: A Refreshing Vacation Home in Japan

Seshimo Architects in collaboration with Peter Hahn Associates have completed a vacation home located in Niseko, Hokkaido Island, Japan. The house, which is known as the Clearwater House, is situated on a bluff with a view of Mt. Yotei and overlooking a river below the mountain. You can also see the view of Mt. Annupuri.The Clearwater name is coming from the pure snowmelt from the mountain that flows in the river below. So let’s check out how the Clearwater House look from the inside and outside.