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Chalet Lakeside: A New House with Sober and Daring Architecture

This new house is part of the panorama of Lac-Brome and designed by Atelier Schwimmer. Chalet Lakeside is hidden in trees and stands out for its unique shape. With 3,200 ft2 in size, this second home is owned by two brothers and it serves as a resting place and meeting space for their families. The house’s sober and daring architecture blends well with the surrounding green site.

Highridge House: A New House with A Long Concrete Wall and Vertical Timbers

Completed in 2018 by Splyce Design, Highridge House is a 5200 ft2 new house located in Vernon. It is burrowed into the rolling grasslands high above Kalamalka Lake, designed for a family of five, and also tailored to the site’s native features. There is a concrete wall as an extension of the house’s main linear axis while the groupings of vertical timbers offer solar protection and privacy at the edge of the upper floor.

Copper Spirit Distillery: Residential Rental Units with A Combination of Industrial and Residential Use

Copper Spirit Distillery is located in the heart of Bowen Island’s historic Snug Cove, Canada. Designed by Rafael Santa Ana Architecture Workshop Inc. (RSAAW), these residential rental units offer both an artisanal gin distillery with a tasting room for islanders. This project is completed in 2020 with 8,815 sqft in size.

Chalet Blanche: A Cottage Residence with A Simple and Pure Architecture

Designed by ACDF Architecture for DAVNIC (David Lafrance et Nicolas Barette), Chalet Blanche is a cottage residence located in La Malbaie’s Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle, Canada. With 4275 pi2 in size, the simple and pure architecture of this cottage gently complements the landscape of Charlevoix in a modern fashion. It also provides the owner with a convivial space to enjoy the beauty of nature.

La Héronnière: A Family House with A Remarkable View of the Surrounding Nature

Designed by Alain Carle Architecte, La Héronnière is a 2014 project of a 465 m² family house located in Wentworth-Nord, in the Lower Laurentians, Canada. The site of the house is chosen by a family of four, offering a remarkable view of the surrounding nature. Living spaces are built closer to the ground of the house with mineral atmospheres. The result of this project is a family house with a good connection to nature of its site.

Les Elfes: A Unique House with A “Unique” View and Continuous Toog Wood Wall

The site of the “Les Elfes” residence is located on a mountainside in Morin-Heights, Canada. It is a 2011 project designed by Alain Carle Architecte with 5165 ft² in size. In this project, it is necessary to design an anti-monument by following a particularly extensive program. With a “unique” view and a continuous Toog wood wall, a sort of observation “device” by way of a building can be created.

Maison Atelier: Two Independent Urban Residences on the Same Lot with Spacious Indoor Spaces

This 2018 project can reflect the natural environment of a typical lot of Montreal towards greater densification in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Maison Atelier is designed by YH2 Architecture, offering a new model of urban housing by proposing two independent urban residences on the same lot. In this project, each house has its own ground with spacious indoor spaces.

Berkley House: A Contemporary Home with Californian-Style Atmosphere and Energy-Efficient Heating Systems

Located in North Vancouver BC, Canada, Berkley House is a 2019 project of a mid-century interior renovation by RSAAW. It was a tired inefficient house with some good bones, transformed into a contemporary home. The family of the house wants to enhance and preserve the Californian-style atmosphere. The energy-efficient heating systems are also used to deliver an energy-efficient house.

Chalet Blanche: A Convivial Space with A Simple and Pure Architecture and Raw Concrete Base

As a convivial space, Chalet Blanche is designed with a simple and pure architecture for the clients in a modern fashion. This cottage is located in La Malbaie’s Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle, Canada with an awesome landscape of Charlevoix. Completed in 2016 by ACDF Architecture with 4275 pi2 in size, this building sits on a raw concrete base.

Double Duplex: Alternative Housing Models with Brick Expressionism and A Dynamic and Spatial Integration

Created in response to the cities’ growing need for alternative housing models, this Double Duplex infill project is completed by Batay-Csorba Architects in 2015 for the Mada Group Inc with 6,800 sqft in size. Located in Toronto, Canada, the rich and textural facades of the building can be created by combining some elements including Brick Expressionism. It is also a project that represents awesome strategies for dynamic and spatial integration of interior and exterior.