What Remains To Be Seen 9

What Remains to be Seen: A Container for Art with Dramatic Interior Spatial Qualities

This modern house functions as a container for art, displaying the clients’ extensive contemporary art collection. What Remains to be Seen is a residential project by Superkül with 3,950 SF in size. Designed for two professionals in the Old Mill neighborhood of Toronto, this house offers dramatic interior spatial qualities which are most apparent in the vast double-height gallery atrium.

Woodhouse 5

Woodhouse: A Rural Country House with A Modern Addition and A Textured Material Palette

Designed for a couple and their two children, Woodhouse is a striking rural country house located near Creemore, Ontario in the Municipality of Grey Highlands. With a modern addition and existing 19th-century wood log cabin, this house sits in a large clearing on a heavily wooded 90-acre site. Superkül uses a warm, textured material palette to reflect the affable and lively spirit of the clients through this house.

Riverside Green 9

Riverside Green: A Modern House with A Beautiful Golf Course Beyond in A Two-Storey Entrance

This modern and big house reveals a beautiful golf course beyond in a two-storey entrance. Riverside Green is designed by Richard Librach Architect, offering comfortable spaces for the family to enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding treeline. This house has a two-storey, six-foot thick stone and built with a mixture of some different materials for its interior.

Chalet Lakeside 4

Chalet Lakeside: A New House with Sober and Daring Architecture

This new house is part of the panorama of Lac-Brome and designed by Atelier Schwimmer. Chalet Lakeside is hidden in trees and stands out for its unique shape. With 3,200 ft2 in size, this second home is owned by two brothers and it serves as a resting place and meeting space for their families. The house’s sober and daring architecture blends well with the surrounding green site.