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Brookfield House: A Single-Family Home with A Fully Equipped Bicycle Workshop

Designed for a couple and their bicycles, Brookfield House is a single-family home located in Toronto. This project is a total reconstitution of a simple Toronto brick home in the inner-city site. The program also includes a fully equipped bicycle workshop for the clients’ bicycles.

Active Houses: A Holistic Approach to Home Design with Environmental Responsibility and Energy Efficiency

Designed for Great Gulf by Superkul, Active House projects are setting new sustainability standards for residential development in Canada. The aim is to meet the construction metrics outlined by the program by the European Active House. It is a holistic approach to home design with environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

Juniper House: A Modern Residence with An Uncluttered, Light-Filled, and Accessible Living Space

It is a two-storey walkout residence located in Calgary, designed by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative for a professional couple. The design for Juniper House is developed in response to the unique site and the clients’ desire for an uncluttered, light-filled, and accessible living space. This project is started in 2012 and completed in 2016.

Courtyard House: An Animated Interior with Good Privacy and Bright Atmosphere

This residential project is started in 2016 and completed in 2019 by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative. Courtyard House is located in Calgary, a modern house for the clients who love privacy, nature, and their two tortoises. The animated interior of this house provides good privacy and a bright atmosphere as well.

Dovercourt Residence: Renovation of An Old Piano Store into A Private Residence

It is an extensive renovation and conversion of an old piano store into a private residence by Kohn Shnier architects in collaboration with Catalist Design Built and Blackwell Engineering. Dovercourt Residence is located on the sidewalk edge of a busy Toronto street. The result of this renovation is not only simple but also resilient and commodious.

Reed’s Bay House: A Simple Year-Round Residence with Simple Volumetric Forms

It is a simple year-round residence that sits on the largest island in the Thousand Islands archipelago in Wolfe Island. Reed’s Bay House is designed by Superkul, modeled on a traditional long barn with simple volumetric forms. With 1,575 SF in size, this residence also has operable skylights and windows to admit daylight into every room.

Bragg Creek House: A ‘Studio’ Experience and Flexibility with Open Interior Space

Completed by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative in 2003, Bragg Creek House is designed for two artists and their young triplets. Located in Bragg Creek, this house is a response to the client’s request for an open plan that reminiscent of a ‘studio’ experience with flexibility for the evolution of the family change. This house is also designed with an open interior space defined by a series of objects.

House with a Red Wall: A Modern House with Red Glass Wall and Subtle Transitions

It is a modern house designed by Kohn Shnier Architects in collaboration with Blackwell Engineering and Samaryn Homes. House with a Red Wall sits in a midtown Toronto neighborhood, in a tight and difficult mid-block site. The red glass clads the entire west wall of the interior, creating an attractive and bright atmosphere inside the house.

The Golden Nugget: A Two-Storey Building with Buff-Yellow Brick and Contemporary Interior

Located in Toronto, ON, this two-storey converted furnace factory is a home for some small- and medium-sized creative businesses. The Golden Nugget is designed by Superkul that engaged by the owner to expand the premises through a 600-square-meter addition. This building is highlighted with the use of buff-yellow brick while the contemporary interior interprets a typical factory building interior.