Brookfield House: A Single-Family Home with A Fully Equipped Bicycle Workshop

Brookfield House 11

Designed by Kohn Shnier Architects for a couple and their bicycles, Brookfield House is a single-family home located in Toronto. This project is a total reconstitution of a simple Toronto brick home in the inner-city site. The program also includes a fully equipped bicycle workshop for the clients’ bicycles.


Brookfield House 1

Brookfield House 2

Brookfield House 3

Brookfield House 4

Brookfield House 5

This house is entered from the mid-point in a plan perpendicularly. It uses its full width in counter-facing directions to create light conditions and two very different living experiences while the subtle level changes can add to the spatial conditions’ range.



Brookfield House 6

Brookfield House 7

Brookfield House 8

At both ends of the home, the large full-height glass walls can be opened onto the home porches. These porches are screened from the street and also face different gardens.

Brookfield House 10

Brookfield House 11

Brookfield House 12

This awesome project is not only about a comfortable house but also includes a fully equipped bicycle workshop. This workshop consists of a clean-up area and shower for the bikes of the clients.


Brookfield House Gallery


Photographer: Tom Arban

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