Adding On: How to Expand Your House Out and Up

Do you need some extra space in your home to use as a nursery for your baby, an addition for your elderly parent or have you always wanted to have a man-cave to watch football in? Then expanding your home could be the best solution for you. However, there are a couple of ways you can do that, and each has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look.

5 Stunning Home Decor Ideas

Having coolest DIY home decor on a budget in your home will not only creating an awesome home but also saving you money from too much expense. You don’t need to buy new decoration. Just make some home decoration with your own idea. Here are 17 coolest DIY home decor on a budget that you can try.

7 Amazing Home Storage Ideas

You can use cheap DIY home storage ideas when you need to tidy up your home from messy stuff. Ideas for home storage are very useful to organize your home awesomely. You don’t need to buy expensive home storage. Just make it by your own self with recycling old stuff and change it into great home storage. Please check out these great 18 cheap DIY home storage ideas for your home.

5 Awesome DIY Kitchen Ideas

Some easy DIY kitchen hacks will help you so much to bring a unique design for your kitchen. These ideas are very useful for small kitchen to organize it in a better way. The hacks are not only cheap but also easy to build. You can use some simple stuff around your house for creating a useful kitchen. Check out these creative and awesome 17 hacks of the easy DIY kitchen.

Top 5 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Interior design trends are constantly changing to adapt to our lifestyle. Due to the increase of the population in urban areas and a fast-paced life, minimalism has become one of the biggest trends today. Although this style can be introduced into every room in the house, and thus improve its functionality and appearance, there is no doubt that our bathrooms can benefit the most from it. So if you are planning on jumping on the bandwagon and giving your bathroom a minimalistic makeover, here are five ideas to spark your imagination.

Creative Ways to Design a Focal Wall

Adding distinctive declarations to your house is the best way to make it feel more like home. If you enjoy crafting budget friendly DIY projects to put your stamp on every room, you should consider adding a focal wall for extra charm. Focal walls are a simple way to turn a plain wall into a stunning feature and point of interest—enhancing the overall ambiance of a room.

What You Need (and Don’t Need) to Set Up Your Workable Home Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and we can all agree that the heart needs to run like clockwork in order or an organism to function properly. However, it seems that in the last couple of years, the kitchen has become more of a showoff room than a practical space. Everyone is competing about introducing new design styles, creative materials, and nooks, and we seem to have forgotten the primary functions of this room: food preparation and storing. So, let’s suppose you just want to set up a basic kitchen that will allow you to cook efficiently while still being on a budget. Here are some must-haves to design such a kitchen and some overly-hyped things you should definitely avoid.