Cozy Bedroom Makeover Tips You Can Try This Winter

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As the temperatures drop, your bedroom often becomes your favorite area of the house as you can snuggle beneath the covers and sip on hot cocoa with warm conversations. It makes sense to invest in a cozy makeover to enhance the ambiance of this part of your living space. Fortunately, you can do it easily and without burning a hole in your pocket, provided that you are willing to invest some time and creativity for beautifying your winter hideaway.

Here are some simple bedroom makeover tips you can try this winter.

Warm up the decor

Start by warming up the decor to add the winter warmth element to the place. If you can afford a paint makeover, fiery hues like oranges and gold make the best choices for the season. For those who aren’t keen to go too bright, a vibrant accent wall is a good idea. You can color up the place with bright rugs and accessories if a paint job isn’t on the agenda. It is easy to light up the room for the season with these elements and store them away once summer sets in.

Banish bare floors

Rugs not only add brightness to your bedroom but also bring warmth for your feet in the freezing weather. Bare floors are passé in the holiday season, and you can easily cover them up with area rugs around the room. Plant them under the bedside tables and chairs. Place a runner beside the bed so that you have something cozy to dig your toes into as you step down.

Invest in personalized bedding

When it comes to winter makeover for your bedroom, investing in personalized bedding is a great idea. Brands like offer custom printing for duvets, comforters, and blankets so that you can style up your bedroom with a personal touch this winter. You can even have matching rugs, window curtains, and pillows to complete the look.

Play with light

Lighting up the room is another idea of adding a warm ambiance. Leave the curtains open during the day to let in natural light. Cozying up the place in the evenings is easy if you have a fireplace, or you may even consider investing in an electric variant this season. Pick a pretty lampshade to add a warm glow to the place. You may even light up some candles around the room to give it a romantic aura and chase away the winter blues.

Make it smell good

A decor element that you may ignore is fragrance, although it is something you need through all seasons. Scents like cinnamon, spices, and pine have a soothing and warming effect, which makes them just right for the winters. You can pick some scented candles for your bedroom this season. A DIY diffuser jar with a blend of essential oils of your choice is another good way to make your room smell good.

Although you may be tempted to add too many elements to your bedroom to give it a warm winter feel, following the less is more rule. Clear out the clutter and start afresh when you want a makeover.

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