The Windish Agency 9

The Windish Agency: Independent Booking Agency Office with Simple Industrial Design

The workspace is open, flexible, and large, a useful space that can be used for everything. The office staff can have a good time for work and meetings in this space. They also can hold some large events in this workspace, including music performances, parties, talks, and dinners. The design result from ORA turns this office into a functional place to be used by the company.

Frame House 12

Frame House: A Unique House with Intimate Room and Special Nook to Frame the Views

The interior design of Frame House is inspired by Soane’s top lit spaces with a large roof light that replacing the old solid pitched roof. The architect also focuses on the box details lined and located in band-sawn oak slats that look like giant picture frames. There is under-seat heating with two bronze fold out reading lights and low-iron glass for maximum transparency.