10 Home Office Ideas That Will Almost Make You Want to Become a Workaholic

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A growing number of us now work from home on a regular basis and that is a good reason alone to create a home office environment that is conducive to productivity and makes you happy to spend time slaving over a hot laptop.

There are all sorts of ways to improve your home office working conditions and have all the gadgets and equipment you need at your disposal so that you can get as much work done as possible.

Whether you arrange to have some office window tinting to cut out glare and make you feel more comfortable through to choosing the right color scheme, these are all aspects of home office design that can really make a big difference.

Here are some ideas that might even bring out the workaholic in you.


Glare can be a real problem

Sometimes, the amount of space that you can allocate to your home office and its location can be a matter of limited choice and you have to make the most of what you have available.

This could mean that your office enjoys access to natural light but, unfortunately, glare is a problem that can prove to be a big distraction when you are trying to see your screen to work.

Window tinting is a good solution as it can help with a glare as well as providing a bit of added security and even improving your energy costs at the same time.


Choose your color scheme wisely

A fundamental mistake that many people make is to think that the color scheme they have for their home office area is a minor detail and almost irrelevant.

The colors that you are exposed to have a big psychological impact and can affect your mood and levels of productivity.

For example, using a green color scheme could be good as it offers a calming effect and should help you to keep stress levels down.

Make sure you pick a color scheme that promotes a healthy and productive atmosphere.


Avoid the clutter

Some people are more naturally tidier than others but even if it doesn’t come that naturally to you it is always best to try and keep your desk and office environment as tidy as possible.

Invest in some good storage solutions and tidy up as you go if you want to be as productive and stress-free as possible.


Personal touches

If you are working in a traditional office setup away from home it is likely that the only personal touches you will have on your desk are a few treasured photos but if you are working from home it offers the chance to create something more personalized.

You should be aware that if you go over the top with your personalization and fill your space with memories and keepsakes it can prove to be a distraction.

Try to achieve a balance by using items that inspire you but try to keep it professional too.


Get your internet sorted

If there is one thing in a modern office that is going to frustrate you on a regular basis it is going to be a slow internet connection.

High on your list of equipment priorities is decent internet speed and a reliable connection.

It is well worth spending a bit extra each month to enjoy the sort of speeds that help you get things done quickly.


Surge protection matters in a home office too

An IT team responsible for office network will understand the importance of arranging surge protection protocols and you need to adopt that same mentality when you are setting up your home office.

Power surges can damage your computer equipment and without protection, your equipment could be ruined in a matter of seconds.

Invest in surge protection and it will give you peace of mind.


Think about ergonomics

If you are going to spend any amount of time using your home office you will want to feel as comfortable as possible.

The way to achieve this aim is to buy a desk that gives you various options if it is adjustable.

A popular healthy option these days is to consider a standing desk so that you don’t spend hours sitting down, which is not good for your spine and overall comfort levels.


Invest in a good chair too

If a standing desk is not for you or you simply want to be as comfortable as possible whichever way you are working at your desk it is well worth spending a good part of your budget on an ergonomic office chair.

A budget office chair won’t provide the right support your back needs and if you then suffer from lower back pain it is not going to make you feel like spending hours in that position while you try to finish your work.


The right amount of light

If your home office space doesn’t have access to natural light it is vital that you sort out a lighting setup that gives you the right amount of lighting.

A combination of floor and desk lamps can help to provide the right solution.


Good communication

Plenty of business meetings and collaboration with colleagues takes place over an internet connection and if you want to stay in the loop and be accessible in your home office you will need to have a good telephone connection and access to VoIP.


Plants for productivity

Buying some foliage and surrounding yourself with a bit of greenery is a real no-brainer as it has been shown that plants make us feel happier and also encourage greater productivity as a result.

The other positive point about surrounding yourself with some aesthetically-pleasing plants in your home office is the fact that it enhances the look and feel of your room at the same time.

If you follow some of these simple but effective home office setup tips it should make you feel more like working hard every time you step inside the room and get ready for the day ahead.

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