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Seoul Skygarden: A Big Plant Village for Korean Plant Species with Gathering Spaces

The public long park can accommodate some biggest variety of Korean plant species, including flowers, shrubs, trees. It collects more than 200 species and sub-species. The total plants that this park have is 24,000 plants that will grow in the next decade to the final heights.

McCormick Place: The Expansion of Convention Center and NFL Football Stadium

The complex center can organize all the facilities in McCormick Place with a string stroke that can be seen from the downtown of Chicago. The plaza itself has a role as a pedestrian space with vehicular circulation too. The detail of granite is used extensively and the active water feature creates the plaza centerpiece.

Google Headquarters: the Most Significant Modern Landscapes in the Last Century

SWA worked together with some developers and architects to design Google Headquarters. With this awesome collaboration, two key planning decisions have been created. The first is about treating the park and the campus as one landscape. The second is asserting the landscape presence by raising the building.