Seoul Skygarden: A Big Plant Village for Korean Plant Species with Gathering Spaces

Seoul Skygarden 11

MVRDV has an awesome project in 2015 located in Seoul called Seoul Skygarden. It is a big plan village for some biggest Korean plant species complete with some amazing gathering spaces for visitors. This project is realized on the former inner-city highway. Seoul Skygarden has a lot of plants that can be enjoyed by all visitors.


Seoul Skygarden 11

Seoul Skygarden 10

The main goal of creating a new function on this former inner-city highway is about creating a friendly city in the central station district to be more attractive and green. The Korean name of this sky garden is Seoullo, it means ‘Seoul Street’ and ‘towards Seoul’.



Seoul Skygarden 9

Seoul Skygarden 8

The public long park can accommodate some biggest variety of Korean plant species, including flowers, shrubs, trees. It collects more than 200 species and sub-species. The total plants that this park have is 24,000 plants that will grow in the next decade to the final heights.



Seoul Skygarden 7

Seoul Skygarden 6

The main challenge of Seoul Skygarden is transforming the overpass into an awesome public garden. MVRDV works together with city advisers, landscape team, and also local NGO to accommodate the flora biggest diversity in this kind of strictly urban condition.



Seoul Skygarden 5

Seoul Skygarden 4

The park is designed based on the Korean alphabet as small garden collections. Each garden has its own identity, color, perfume, and composition. The landscape can change according to the seasons, such as the evergreen conifers trees in winter and the cherry tree blossom in spring.



Seoul Skygarden 3

Seoul Skygarden 2

The architect also adds other structures like escalators, lifts, and stairs to be the new ‘satellite’ garden in this sky garden. Those structures can inspire the further additions to the public spaces and also area’s greenery visually and physically.



Seoul Skygarden 1

Seoul Skygarden can give a good contribution to increasing the user experience and boosting the parks with the city activities. At night, this place will be decorated with blue lights together with bright city lights. The light’s color can be changed during celebrations and festivals.

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