Gloucester Ave House: A New Construction with Traditional and Modern Styles

Traditional and modern styles are mixed for the new construction of this house. Designed by Murdock Solon Architects, Gloucester Ave House offers a barn-like feel from its interior. Located in East Hampton, this house also has a weekend appeal that comes from its pool and outdoor patio.


Gloucester Ave House 1 Gloucester Ave House 2 Gloucester Ave House 3 Gloucester Ave House 4 Gloucester Ave House 5 Gloucester Ave House 6

The barn-like feel can be found in the interior of this house. This feeling comes from the open layout, beams, and high ceilings. An airy, comfortable atmosphere can be created thanks to the light woodwork, a wall of sliding glass doors, and white painted millwork.

The weekend appeal of this house is completed by the pool and an outdoor patio next to it.


Gloucester Ave House Gallery


Photography: Murdock Solon Architects

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