House in Higashi-Sumiyoshi: A House with A Privacy Protection from Outside

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Completed in 2010, House in Higashi-Sumiyoshi is a residential project for a couple with a child. Designed by Fujiwara / Muro Architectural Design Office, this house is located on a deep, narrow plot and there is a big park across the street. It is a comfortable house located in Osaka Prefecture that can protect privacy from outside.


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The client of this project doesn’t have much time to spend with the family due to his business. That’s why they want to have a house that feels like one big room. The kitchen is placed in the center of the house with a table and kitchen counter so the family can cook together.



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With a raised floor next to the kitchen, the tatami room is almost as tall as the dining table. When one sits on this tatami floor, he/she can still enjoy conversation with people cooking in the kitchen. A theater room can be found on the upper floor with a layout that makes it look floating, facing an awesome view outside.



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The theater room can be closed completely when the family watch movies with families and friends. They also can enjoy the awesome views by opening the curtains. It is a house when the owner can still enjoy the surroundings and protect their privacy at the same time.


House in Higashi-Sumiyoshi Gallery


Photographer: Toshiyuki Yano (Toshiyuki Yano Photography)

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