6 of the Best Italian Kitchen Brands

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The kitchen is considered the heart of the home and it is where we spend most of our time cooking, cleaning, and all-around socializing with our friends and family. It is important for a kitchen to be functional as well as beautifully designed. This blog will explore a few ideas on how you can make your kitchen work better for you by adding a few simple upgrades or changes that will improve the functionality and look of your kitchen. If you want to have the very best kitchen then you will need to know which Italian kitchen furniture brands, that are recommended by Gruppo Cucine, are the best – here are a few of them.


Schiffini is an Italian kitchen brand that was established in the 1920s and they originally supplied fittings to the Italian navy. It was during the 1950s that they began to turn their attention to kitchen designs and they are known for being the first-ever creator of a kitchen made entirely of wood as well as the first kitchen that was entirely suspended from the ground and anchored to wall supports. Schiffini produces a modular style Italian kitchen cabinet and they have a notable Cinqueterre design that is constructed entirely out of aluminum.


The words evolutionary and revolutionary are commonly used to describe Snaidero’s kitchen designs. The first shop was set up in 1946 and since then the company has been at the forefront of evolving kitchen designs. Snaidero is famous for inventing the kitchen island and has its famous Spazio Vivo Kitchen in New York City. Their designs are described as distinctive and they have soft renovated dynamics that incorporate ergonomic, chic, sleek, and contemporary details. Snaidero’s latest collection called “everyone” provides a custom-made kitchen at an affordable price and is described as “affordable quality”.


Valcucine was founded in 1980 and is home in the northern Italian city of Pordenone. Valcucine is seen as one of the pioneers in Italian kitchen cabinets and they have never disappointed. Their famous Artematica style was first introduced in 1988 and remains one of the designs at their foundation. This brand is known for introducing the very first recyclable kitchen cabinet that is entirely made from aluminum and glass. Their cabinetry is defined as cutting edge that is striking, durable, and functional. These kitchens will dent your wallet though.

Varenna Poliform

This Italian brand was founded in 1970 and is located in Lurago D’Erba (CO) Italy. Varenna Poliform’s designs are described as practical, contemporary, sophisticated, and modular and the company focuses on aligning its designs with these themes. Their designs are a combination of several materials and the finishes result in high-quality Italian kitchen cabinets.


Founded in 1957, Pedini is considered the leader in curved kitchen designs. They are located in Lucrezia di Cartoceto, Italy and their motto is “beauty is a goal”. This Italian brand specializes in curvaceous and minimalist kitchens that are created from a selection of environmentally friendly materials and components.


KitchenCraft originated over 40 years ago in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and has a reputation for having top-quality cabinetry. Their style has 2 collections, Integra and Aurora and their finishes and upgrades options allow you to have the freedom to add any features that you desire. KitchenCraft adds the perfect element of character to your kitchen and will leave many people green with envy. Their kitchen cabinets are a must. Their cabinet materials are dependable and durable and provide a great atmosphere and environment.

The Kitchen is the most important part of the home because it is what brings everybody together. If you are looking to build your dream kitchen or renovate your existing one then you need to invest in one of these 6 Italian kitchen brands. Schiffino who make the first kitchen entirely out of wood, Snaidero who famously invented the kitchen island, Valcucine that makes recyclable kitchens, Varenna Poliform that is known for its sophisticated, contemporary design, Pedini that specializes in curvaceous and minimalist kitchens and KitchenCraft that has a reputation for having top quality kitchen cabinets. No matter what your style is, one of these brands will have something for you.

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