Le Sud Suite: A New Concept of Hotel Suite with A Combination of Sustainability and Modernity

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Executed in September 2020 by Nayra Iglesias from In Out Studio, Le Sud Suite is a new concept of a hotel suite. This project combines sustainability and modernity with the mind in the future and the feet on the ground. It is a concept that also born from a very personal reflection of Nayra, showing that there is another way to generate a dialogue between two worlds such as technology and ecology.


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The awesome space in this project is designed with a combination of sustainability and modernity to show that there is another way to generate a dialogue between two worlds such as technology and ecology. The contraposition of materials with a terracotta color base that linked to the African roots of the studio is used to solve the comfort and luxury needs of a hotel suite with a visual and formal language.



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Thanks to Tattoo, the materialization of this spectacular space can be realized awesomely. It is a contract company that has assumed in record time the logistic, installation, and coordination of all the participating companies. The construction and production of the carpentry of the space have been developed by Modifase. It is an expert company in luxury contract furniture.



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The entrance of the awesome space is through two classic stone porticos. These porticos frame the suite from the outside while the material chosen to give a unique shape to these awesome elements is Cosentino’s Dekton Laurent. Using the natural stone Port Laurent, modernity and nature can combine well. The singular color on it also offers beauty and complexity.

The interior consists of two distinct areas: the first space is oriented to rest and the second space concentrates on the dressing room and toilet. The skin of this hotel room is formed by the claddings of different textures in natural colors. There is also continuous flooring in natural materials and ceiling in metallic panels.

The organically shaped floor is made of ecological decorative flooring by Cement Design, an awesome Spanish company. The indirect lighting is added by using the latest LED technology from Tecsoled. The bedroom is beautified by the spectacular bed dressed by Gordon Imports textiles with a base designed by Nayra Iglesias and manufactured in VESSEL resins by Tattoo.

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There are also two crystal ball lamps by Vical Home while the bedside tables are part of the bed’s base. A filter between the two areas of the suite is served by the headboard, a unique piece made by Panespol. The stunning decorative wall light is from Vical Home, a custom design for In Out Studio.

The reading and work areas are made by Modifase, designed in two curved panels covered in white glass aggregate. In the work area, there is a stylish bookcase made from wood and metallic cladding, Copper Stratos from DecoMetal by Formica Group. There is also a custom-made stool built with resins and produced by Vessel by Tattoo.

The reading corner has an armchair with Nordic lines and upholstery by Gordon Imports and produced by Tatoo while the lighting uses a series of indirect light wall lights from Vical Home. The bathroom has two zones: a dressing room and washbasin area built by Modifase using awesome panels of different textures from Formica’s DecoMetal collection.

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There is a natural stone sink model Piatta by Miapetra that uses as the bathroom central element. A timeless and elegant piece is paired with the taps and elliptical mirrors of Azul blanco bagno while the metal wall lights and unique copper are designed by Nayra.

Two cabins, toilet, and shower are clad in a plain and textured metal design by Formica Group. The first cabin has futuristic touches that equipped with the AquaClean Mera Comfort bidet toilet by Geberit while the shower space has a monolithic piece in Marquina marble from Miapetra’s Kanale series.

The beautiful and awesome bathroom complements and accessories are of Azul Blanco Bagno.

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The lighting in this project has a fundamental role to define the concept, including improving the customer experience. The automation is introduced by Niessen and Grupo Light Center. As a leading company in its sector, Niessen integrates home automation panels and electrical mechanisms. Thanks to the programming of Grupo Light Center so it is possible to create different environments in the suite.


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Photographer: Gonzalo Botet

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