Mosman Heritage: A House Makeover with A New Wing and New Elements

Mosman Heritage 9

It is an awesome house makeover by Sandberg Schoffel Architects. Mosman Heritage is a heritage house on a double block. A new wing is added and some new elements are also inserted to create a large house. The result is a comfortable house with an elegant mix of new and heritage.


Mosman Heritage 1

Mosman Heritage 2

Mosman Heritage 3

Mosman Heritage 4

Mosman Heritage 5

Mosman Heritage 6

New elements are inserted into the existing house’s planning while a new wing is added to the rear area of the house. This way can transform this house into a large house with an elegant mix of new and heritage, creating a unique combination that can’t be found in other houses.



Mosman Heritage 7

Mosman Heritage 8

Mosman Heritage 9

Mosman Heritage 10

Mosman Heritage 11

Mosman Heritage 12

The house space and light are used to drive the entire design principles, especially in opening the original ‘corridor + rooms’ plan to a more contemporary open-plan arrangement. This arrangement is more suitable for modern home and a modern family.

External spaces, a pool, and a garden are integrated with internal planning to create some additional ‘rooms’. These ‘rooms’ allow year-round living on the entire site for the residents.


Mosman Heritage Gallery


Photography: Sandberg Schoffel Architects

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