Tips to Utilize Dedicated Storage for a Mess-Free Living

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Do you feel that your home appears cluttered even after you give it a deep cleaning? Is your house one of those places which have more stuff than the space it offers? People often complain about feeling suffocated in the house due to excessive belongings and less room. Besides, modern homes have minimalistic designs and are generally compact, and people have a habit of hoarding things up.

The truth is many people do not give away surplus things, thinking that they might need them someday, and they lay here and there occupying space in the house. Excessive items make even a spacious home appear cluttered and messy, and the ambiance starts affecting people mentally.

Experts suggest that people indulge in deep cleaning often and give away things they have not used in three months. Moreover, seasonal stuff also takes up space, and once the season is over, you can put things away in storage to keep them intact. While people may possess excessive items, they manage things carefully and store things properly to give their house a sleek, clean and clear look.

The following are some self-storage tips that will make your house more spacious:

  1. Rent a Storage unit

The modern world offers many solutions, and storage units are a reality now. Most storage units have cameras installed, and they come with a climate control feature. They allow you to set the atmospheric conditions accordingly and store your items for as long as you want. While you can use storage boxes and keep them in your home, utilizing self storage units is the most brilliant option for many convincing reasons. Most storage units are 24/7 operational and allow you to visit them whenever you want. Many people do not want to keep the storage in their homes. They feel that the boxes also make the house unbreathable and prefer them to keep in another location. Storage facility centers are ideal for such scenarios.

  1. Label

Several people over-estimate their mind power and think that writing is a hassle and they can remember things. While you may have a strong presence of mind and have a good memory, jotting things down will not harm you in any way. Labeling boxes with their contents will not make finding things difficult for you, and you can quickly use your desired items as per the need. While you must pick the correct storage containers, it is significant to have a list that contains all the things. This trick will save you from the trouble of opening all the boxes for one specific item.

  1. Disassemble Furniture Pieces

Furniture pieces take up the most space in the house. Once you dismantle your furniture, then you realize the room your furniture has been occupying. It would be best to store the tables, chairs, and drawers in their set condition in storage, as they occupy more room and leave some awkward gaps. Soon you will find yourself unable to fill that space going to waste. Dismantling furniture pieces is an ideal way of stacking them up as they occupy much lesser space. A great tip is to keep the manual with the furniture pieces so that you can quickly assemble them when the need arises.

  1. Store Things Strategically

Planning makes the problematic task simple and does half the job. You might feel the temptation of picking a random box and throwing things in casually, as it saves time. The truth is casual packing will not help you save time, as it will leave some off spaces, and you might end up packing more containers. If you have extra cars and boats, then keeping them in the driveway makes the house cluttered, and you can park them in a storage unit and have a spacious driveway. Keepsakes and memories are treasured items, and people do not want to part with them. Storing memories away that you do not actively use not only makes your house roomy but also keeps your valuables safe.

  1. Bubble Wrap Fragile Items

Another important aspect is that you are packing things for later use. Careless storing may harm your belongings and leave you with broken items. Many people possess antique art pieces, fragile decorative items, or delicate crockery, and aimlessly putting them in boxes might leave them with crumbles pieces. Bubble wrap acts as a shield and helps fragile things in staying intact. Great use of bubble wrap over fragile items keeps your minds at ease that your precious possessions will stay in their original condition.

  1. Seal the Boxes

Several people become vigilant while selecting containers, packing and fitting items in them. Still, they forget the critical aspect of sealing the containers properly. Chances are, once you put things away, you will not look into the boxes until the need arises. Leaving the boxes even slightly open gives room for bugs and insects or germs to multiply in the containers. Sealing the boxes with adhesive tape is blocking the way and keep the belongings secure.

  1. Let Heavier Things Occupy the Base

Planning and packing are essential while availing a storage unit as you would not want to pay extra for space. Putting heavier items on top or middle may harm your other possessions, and you might not get them back in their proper condition. A storage tip is to lay the heavier items at the bottom side and leave the upper space for other smaller and lighter things. Furthermore, a solid base will help you in packing, and you will not have leaning piles of your possessions.


One of the typical modern complaints of people is that their houses do not have much room. Regardless of how spacious your place is, the chances are that you feel cluttered. You can be creative while storing things up and can have multiple storage options to keep your possessions safe and in their original condition.  Cluttered homes appear messy and make residents feel suffocated; keeping things in storage makes room in the house and spacious, positively affecting inhabitants’ mental health.

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