What Do You Need to Know About Property Styling Before Selling Your Home

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Property styling can enhance the value of your house. So, if you have decided to sell your home, you need to consult a property styling expert to increase the chances of a faster sale and at a better price. To learn more about property styling, visit website to view complete details on how to style your property before selling it.

Why should you Style your Property?

Property styling, also called home staging, helps property owners give their property a makeover before selling it. Styling your home before allowing potential buyers to inspect it will create a good impression the first time itself.

Although you’ll spend a few thousand dollars giving your home a makeover, you’ll recover more than you spend. Styling costs will vary from $2000 for small properties and up to $10,000 for larger ones. Anyway, double-digit growth is estimated in the real estate markets for 2021-22. Hence, now is the best time to invest in styling your property.

What Does Home Styling Involve?

The first step starts with a consultation with styling experts who will first want to look over your house before giving an estimate. They will discuss the required changes and repairs to the interiors and the garden’s landscaping. This is an excellent time to discuss timelines, the budget, and other essential things involved in styling your home. They will discuss installing artworks, new furniture, and accessories and will start the work once you concur.

Can You Live There While Styling?

This is an important question that most homeowners may have. Some home styling companies insist that the owners don’t live in their home while the styling is in progress. Some others are willing to style occupied homes, though there could be a lot of activity interfering with your daily chores.

Will the Styling Company Bring in their Furniture?

It depends on which home styling company you deal with. Home styling companies have interior design experts who keep up with cutting-edge interior design trends. Details like choosing the colors, materials, furniture arrangement, soft furnishings, accessories, etc., are considered to bring the desired result. You can either opt for a partial makeover if you are on a shoe-string budget or a complete overhaul if you are willing to invest. The furniture, artwork, and accessories are all hired (from the styling company) for a specific time duration (4 to 6 weeks).

Do they Style Empty Houses?

Empty houses need styling the most because it is impossible to get the feel of the house or the space utility in a vacant home. Unless you furnish a home, it never gets the complete “home” look and feels. It is easy to spot the odd areas in bare rooms. Moreover, empty space has a cold, uninviting look that tends to drive away potential buyers.

How Much Time to Style a Home?

Styling a home is a process and can take a day for partial styling and a couple of days for complete styling. Again, the time taken to style a house depends on the size of the property, the type of styling you want, whether you need landscaping, and, more importantly, the company you are tying up with for the styling.

Is Home Staging and Styling the same?

To put it in a nutshell, both terms mean the same thing. However, a stylist puts in a lot of finesse in the work that shows in the result. Stylists pay attention to minor details, which makes all the difference. It is vital that a potential buyer feels everything is genuine and not staged for someone’s benefit.

Summing it Up

If you plan to sell your property, it is a good idea to go for home styling to enhance your property’s value. Although it involves additional expenses, they can be recovered when you sell your property.

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