What to Consider when Designing Boys Bedroom Interior

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Designing a boy’s bedroom sometimes faces parents with difficulties. Many people think that boys bedroom interior designs only consist of “masculine colors, sport-related images, and simple furniture”. However, boys love expressing themselves in various ways, and their rooms should reflect their interests. Parents should also think about how long the boys will use the rooms.

Design Aspects to Consider about Boy’s Bedroom

When designing a bedroom for boys, there are several features to consider, regardless of their ages. They are:

  • Functional space divisions

An ideal bedroom should have spots for studying, sleeping, playing, and storing stuff. This division applies in all room sizes, because bedrooms must become a sanctuary for the kids. This division also allows boys to develop their mind, unwind, and sleep well when they need to.

  • Light sources

Ideally, a bedroom should have a natural light source. A properly-installed window is perfect to provide natural light. It can reduce electricity bill and create a healthy bedroom condition. At night, the light sources can come from the lamps. There must be at least two lamps: the main one (on the ceiling) and smaller, adjustable one (on the desk).

  • Expression space

All boys love having a space to express their personal feeling, interests, and hobbies. A bare wall can be a great space to attach posters, maps, photographs, or artworks. A more spacious room may have a special spot to place musical instruments, painting canvas and easel, or corner YouTube “studio”.

  • Storage space

A small room needs smarter storage solutions compared to a larger room. Many storage options offer creative solutions for small rooms, which can suit both boy’s and girl’s rooms. Examples are under-the-bed drawers, multipurpose benches, and floating shelves.

  • The boy’s age and bedroom-using period

How long the boy will use the bedroom? If he is still a toddler, you have more freedom in determining shopping choice. However, older kids may want to express their own interests more freely. Kids who transition into teenage years may need bedrooms with more flexible basic features (paint, furniture, and such) that can be transformed easily.

For easier decoration, it is better for parents to discuss with their boys about decoration plan. Parents can also take older kids to shop for bedroom supplies and make their own choices.

Decoration Ideas for Boys Bedrooms

There are several common themes that parents can use as basic guides to decorate a boy’s bedroom. They are:

  • Nature

Interests in nature and environment studies have affected young people. Nature theme may include forest, ocean, camping, mountain, or animal designs.

  • Hobbies

Hobby is an easy starting place to find bedroom theme. Parents can discuss with boys to find their interests, such as in music, sports, anime, artworks, or even something “silly” such as foods.

  • Mature youthful

Older boys, especially those who are about to become teenagers and young adults, usually love more subdued designs. They may still express their interests, but the room designs should show more maturity. This means more neutral shades (with bright color splashes), plays in textures, and fewer “cutesy” design elements.

  • Aspirations

Parents can show support for their sons’ aspirations by letting them decorate their rooms with these ideas. For example, the boys may use maps of countries they want to visit, the jobs they want to do, or the stars they want to meet as decoration ideas.

Decorating boys bedroom interior does not have to be difficult. Combining smart features and the boys’ interests will result in an ideal room for all ages.

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