Home Design Essentials- How To Buy A Perfect Living Space

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Buying a house takes a lot of research and good thinking because you will want one that fits your needs and expectations. You will have a budget in mind, which goes a long way in deciding the property you wish to own. A feasible location is another factor you cannot overlook when it comes to picking residential real estate. It is pretty simple to assess the prospective deals in terms of these factors.

But one area where most American buyers struggle or tend to go wrong is the design elements. Every small design detail makes a difference as it adds comfort and value to an ordinary property. You may end up with a house that doesn’t match your vision for an ideal living space. Here is a guide on home design essentials you can follow to buy a house that is perfect for your family.

Open floor plans

If you are looking for a modern and comfortable place, an open floor plan should be on top of your design checklist. Open floor plans are in high demand across the U.S. as they are a modern architectural trend. The open floor plan comprises spaces that merge and function as multiple rooms. A living room blended with an open kitchen and dining area is the most common element of an open floor plan. The layout is ideal for big families as it lets them do their own thing in shared spaces. It is also great for homeowners who love hosting social gatherings because the layout exudes a welcoming ambiance.

Nine-foot ceilings

Another design element that you must look for in a house is nine-foot ceilings. Tall ceilings open up interiors without increasing square-footage, which makes them ideal for small spaces. If you are running tight on budget but want an airy, well-lit home, take a good look at the ceiling height and opt for one that extends to nine feet. It is a marketable feature that adds to the value of the property in case you want to sell it down the line and upgrade to a larger place.

South-facing windows

Most buyers aren’t aware of the value of south-facing windows when it comes to design elements, but they can serve more than one benefit. Southern windows get you ample sunlight in winter, which means you have free heat for your living space. You can plant trees against the windows to keep the house cool in summer. Southern exposure helps houseplants thrive, so you can have some facing the windows. They will create a green ambiance for the interiors and get a hefty dose of fresh air as well.

Separate master bedroom

A family with kids requires you to have ample space, with separate bedrooms for kids, parents, and guests. But you will also want to get privacy with your partner, and a house with a separate master bedroom gives you an advantage. It is relatively easy for a multi-level house as you can have the master bedroom on the first floor. For single-level homes, the ideal design configuration has three wings. It should have the master bedroom in one wing, the kids’ and parents’ room in another, and the living area and kitchen in the third one. The design will offer ample personal space for everyone, even while keeping them connected.

Maximized insulation

While the insulation feature isn’t visible, it is equally vital from a homeowner’s perspective. A house with good insulation keeps indoor temps stable and ensures comfort for the residents regardless of the temperatures outdoors. You can save a lot on your annual energy bills too. For example, those looking for Homes for Sale in Charlotte must prioritize this feature because summers are hot and muggy while winters can be cold and wet. If you have a place with maximized insulation, you will not have to depend fully on air conditioning systems.

Great storage

Whether you have a small family or a big one, good storage is always a plus for your potential living space. It means that you can organize your belongings in a better way and prevent clutter in the house. Make sure that you look around for storage areas before nailing the deal. While storage in areas like the attic and basement should be a priority, a dedicated pantry area makes a great add-on. Check if there are any hidden storage options, such as areas under staircases. The more, the better!

Outdoor spaces

A design feature that any American buyer would not want to miss out on is dedicated outdoor space. Spending time outdoors is enjoyable, relaxing, and healthy. It makes sense to look for a place with outdoor areas like decks and patios. You can even consider buying a home with a swimming pool if you have a bigger budget. These features make a great addition to your property as you can spend pleasant evenings with the family or throw pool parties for your friends.

Low-maintenance exteriors

Buyers often pay a lot of attention to the design features inside a property while considering it as a potential living space. But it is equally vital to assess the exteriors because they decide the first impression that a visitor will get. Look for a home with a low-maintenance exterior as it can reduce your ownership-cost and save a lot of time in the long run. A house with a sturdy exterior looks good even in the harshest climate. Durable fiber-cement and low-cost vinyl siding are the ideal options for exterior design. They are affordable and last for years.

A home is often the biggest investment you make in your lifetime, so you must do it with a lot of care and attention. It is vital to look for the best features that match your lifestyle, needs, and preferences if you want to live in a house comfortably and for the long haul. You should look for a few options and compare them, rather than buy a property in a hurry. Once you find a perfect place, you should close the deal at the earliest.

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