How to Choose the Right Lighting in 2022

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Any homeowner or decorator knows how important lights are to create a beautiful, functional space. Proper lighting helps promote productivity by providing luminosity to shine light over activities held inside a specific area. It also gives the ambiance of comfort, making anyone hanging out in the room relaxed and comfortable.

Lighting also impacts how one perceives colors and textures and gives the overall feel for the space. It can make or break any room’s design, as lighting often becomes the focal point of anyone’s home.

If you are planning to buy new lighting for your new home, or you are already revamping your rooms with light fixtures, here are some of the essential tips in choosing the proper lighting for your personal space:

Know your basics.

The vital step in determining what lighting best suits any room in your house is physically feeling the space in which you would install lighting. More light doesn’t always mean it’s better. When choosing the fixtures, you need for your home. You must consider quality over quantity.

When deciding what style you want for your room, how you envision your space also comes into play. Do you want something modern and contemporary? Would a rustic style better suit your taste? If you’re going to include traditional lights, how do you think these will affect other decor items within the same room and the overall mood? Will it take up too much space?

You may check out online stores to scout around for your ideal lighting. has many options to choose from, as well as they, provide you with model homes that you can check for reference if you are planning to do a makeover of your one space. This way, you would be able to know if the light fixture you’ve been eyeing is what you are expecting or want.

Consider the room size and ceiling height.

When considering installing big decorative lights in your room, you must still size up the place so you would know if your fixtures will fit or if they will make your space more crowded. For chandeliers, measuring the height of your ceiling is a crucial aspect to consider. The bottom of a chandelier or pendant lights should not be more than 5 feet from the floor.

Light items with shades, such as sconces, should not be higher than 3 feet above the highest point in your room. Any lampshades that are installed with the sconces should not also extend more than 3 feet above the light fixture. You may also measure other accessories that go with your lighting fixtures and take up more space.

Mood Lighting is Always a Good Idea

While having a primary light source is essential for any home, you can also add some extra lighting to set different modes for the various spaces in your home. You can do this by using table lamps, which can also double as a piece of art when filled with flowers or other decorations.

You can also set the mood in your home by choosing which among the two you would like your home to have – warm or cool lighting. Warm lighting sets an ambiance of warmth and hominess, while cool lighting goes well with places that need bright lights, such as the bathroom or bedroom.


With all the different lighting options, you should be able to decide when finding the right one for your decor and lighting needs. It is essential to consider your light fixture’s shape, size, and color so it may also fit well in its surroundings. Once you have all the proper lighting elements, you’ll have a room or space that’s adequately illuminated and goes well with any design you have in mind.

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