Spoorzone Dordrecht: Transformation of A Railway into A Pleasant Destination with Spectacular Green Areas

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The vision of this awesome project is to transform a railway into a pleasant destination in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Spoorzone Dordrecht is an ongoing project by mecanoo for Gemeente Dordrecht that started in 2020. Besides the transformation, this project also includes the development of some areas nearby to provide 6000 homes, stations, parks, amenities, and also commercial spaces.


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This transformation also connects the surrounding neighborhoods to some new city districts with spectacular green areas for everyone to gather. Dordrecht is known as an amazing city of culture, maritime industry, trade, and also innovation in the Dutch Delta region. This city and region are growing fast, facing some major spatial challenges for the future.

The vision of this project, especially the railway zone, is to give a future picture for Dordrecht in 2040. This project offers spatial opportunities for the city for socio-economic developments, climate adaptation, accessibility, and also housing’s major challenge.



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The rail infrastructure is not the most obvious place for the development assignment of facilities and homes in this city, especially with its noise and safety challenges. In order to solve this, the railway is transformed into an ideal and pleasant destination for people to enjoy. It also includes connecting the nearby neighborhoods to the new city district. Green areas are also designed too as gathering areas.

The area around the railway is easy to access and located close vicinity to amenities, countryside, river, and historic city center. Besides the nature of the Dutch Delta, this vision is also built on raw elements such as industry and infrastructure. All loved and disliked places will create a coherent whole in 2040, transform from a motorway into a high-level green city park.

People can cycle and walk here between the awesome new residential buildings, enjoying the view of the river and city. The green estate of Weizigtpark also connects across the railway to enable access into the center of the city through the greeneries and Dordrecht Central Station will be the greenest station in the Netherlands.



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The development of some areas in this project results in an ideal place where first-time-buyers and families can find a comfortable home that closes to culture, amenities and work with good accessibility by water and rail.

The new areas will be built from wood entirely that comes from production forests on the island of the site. The use of this wood is one of the great examples to strengthen a local and sustainable economy. The Leaning Park and Health Park development will be a comfortable environment for good care, innovation, and education.

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The railway will no longer become a barrier for this city but a place for living and connected to each other in new developments. This city also will be known as a city of wood, innovation, and trade where the symbiosis of nature and urban development comes to provide an ideal place to live in 2040.


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Photography: mecanoo

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