Cadaval & Solà-Morales

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X House: A Constructive Exploration with A Unique Form and Remarkable views

It is also possible to project continuous 6m high walls with this technique, without the need to use a two-sided formwork. X House is a living expression of the specific technique and it also accumulates in its skin the continuous and diverse knowledge acquired within the construction process.

Theatre House: An Old Village Theatre Transformation with Spatial and Constructive Values

Through this project, the architect also tries to respect the maximum the original condition of the existing warehouse. The structure of the existing warehouse is not modified, only reinforced. The few new architectural elements are added and the walls are not demolished just restored. The idea of this project is to build without affecting the existing and understanding that a theatre will have another life and another use over time surely.

House at the Pyrenees: An Old Existing Vernacular House with New and Contemporary Spaces

The opening of the house allows incredible views and interior natural lighting, especially to the dining room and second living room. A remnant sense of the old construction still can be found in the rest of the spaces accommodated within the old enclosure, arranged according to modern ways of living within contemporary architectural reality.

Tepoztlan Lounge: A Modern Lounge Constructed in Concrete with A Balance between Interior and Exterior

Each space is a set space defined by its use with a very clear and simple architectural container. The first is the open bar with a kitchenette together with dressing rooms and restrooms. The second is the children play area that can be used as a reading room. The third is the largest container, a living area that offers an enclosed, tempered and comfortable space for TV, conversation, etc.

Sunflower House: A Fully Exposed House as A Big Sollar Collector with Strong Relationship to the Open Sea

This project relies on its geometry, especially for its struggle and strength. All the materials for this project are typical of the area, including the structure and the outdoor finishes of the walls. Due to the need in responding to the requirements, only the glazing incorporates thicknesses and technologies more typical of skyscrapers than for a project of single houses.