7 Awesome Small Living Room Ideas with Fireplace

Tech House 2

Your living room is one of the best rooms in your house that can be designed with a fireplace. In this room, you can have a relaxing time with your family in a warmer atmosphere even when it is small in size. A small living room with a fireplace will make your house as comfortable as a big house. For more inspiration, here is a collection of awesome small living room with a fireplace.

1. Pinheiros House by Felipe Hess Arquitetos


Pinheiros House 18

In Pinheiros House, the small living room with a fireplace is not the only thing that makes the room feels warmer. This living room is also supported by the wooden floor, wooden furniture with calm colors, and also the design of the entire room interior.


2. Private Apartment in Hodkovičky by COLLARCH

Private Apartment In Hodkovičky 4

Private Apartment in Hodkovičky has a quiet and neutral background on its interior, including its small living room. This small living room is also designed with a small modern fireplace. The use of concrete and wood for its living room makes this apartment offers a little bit of industrial appearance.


3. Family Villa in Giruliai by DO Architects

Family Villa In Giruliai 5

Placed in the middle of the main room, the fireplace in Family Villa in Giruliai becomes one of the best highlights for this villa interior with its black look. The living room is not really small so it is possible to have a unique fireplace design and put it in the center of the room.


4. Berkel-Enschot House by Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten

Berkel Enschot House 3

If you want to have a simple fireplace in your small living room, you can take a look at this awesome small living room in Berkel-Enschot House. This house has a fireplace that attached to the white wall of the living room, placed in the middle to spread the warmer atmosphere evenly.


5. Villa Out of the Box by Arjen Reas Architecten

Villa Out Of The Box 8

Villa Out of the Box has a contemporary interpretation of the rural surroundings for its design. In its small living room, the fireplace is decorated with less decoration to create simplicity. Surrounded by white surfaces, this room is beautified with grey furniture and some rustic elements.


6. Residence the Grands Jardins by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Residence The Grands Jardins 7

With a wooden ceiling and red sofas, the small living room in Residence the Grands Jardins looks very awesome. This small living room has a modern fireplace designed in white, complete with a storage to keep the firewood. The glazed walls around the room allow the stunning view to be seen clearly during the days.


7. Tech House by Cushing Terrell

Tech House 2

If you need inspiration for a small living room with a fireplace and unique decoration, take a look at this living room in Tech House. The sofa is in black with a colorful rug. The wall behind the black fireplace is designed in wood while the ceiling offers a tidy arrangement of planked wood.

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