The Wave House: A Unique House with White Aluminum Skin and Complex Metal Substructure

The Wave House 21

Designed by Mario Romano, The Wave House is a unique living place with a complex metal substructure and white aluminum skin. The architect also constructs some facades to create a new architecture in order to manifest the vision for this home. Combination of materials and digital technique, The Wave House with an interesting look from the outside and comfortable feeling from the inside.


The Wave House 1

The Wave House 2

The Wave House 3

The design process of Wave House is similar to crafting of clothing suit made by a tailor. The aluminum skin is unrolled and rolled digitally then it is cut by a CNC machine. This skin is attached to the complex metal substructure that made of straight lines. There is a space left between the white aluminum panels. The straight lines flow from the top of the house parapet to the roof continuously then finally cascading to the front wall.



The Wave House 4

The Wave House 5

The Wave House 6

The architect designs a self-organizing form for this house construction. He creates some organically-shaped facades with the power of calculus and also the new architectural vernacular development. With this construction, Romano tries to manifest his vision as much as possible for this house, both inside and outside.



The Wave House 7

The Wave House 8

The Wave House 9

The aluminum skin of The Wave House is orchestrated well. It also emulates the nature’s own eloquent geometry beauty. The painted aluminum appears like a massive undulating facade that flows on the two stories of the house then arrives on the ground floor. The 300 custom and unique cut aluminum pieces are organized to create a massive architectural movement.

The Wave House 10

The Wave House 11

The Wave House 12

Romano and his design team are not able to use a traditional architectural jargon like eaves, wall, and roof. They decide to create new words to describe their work in this house. They also embody some forms that find in nature such as feathers, river lines, icing, and also fins. The result can make this project has a good connection with the nature around the site.



The Wave House 13

The Wave House 14

The Wave House 15

Specialized computer software is used to achieve the design-build of this house. This software is the same used to design boats, aircraft, and automobiles. Romano also uses parametric tools such as Rhino’s Grasshopper, allowing him and his team to script the rule set digitally then adjust a lot of individual pieces to make a rippling affectation.


The Wave House

The Wave House 16

The Wave House 17

The Wave House 18

The Wave House 19

The Wave House 20

The Wave House 21

The Wave House 22

The Wave House 23

The Wave House 24

The Wave House 25

The Wave House 26

The Wave House 27

The Wave House 28

The Wave House 29

The Wave House 30

The Wave House 31

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