Astrid House: A Modern House with Shared Spaces and Large Jumbo-Sized Glass Panels

Astrid House is a 2012 completed project by K2LD Architects. Located in Singapore, this modern house makes full use of its large land and sculpting its way around the landscape. With the large jumbo-sized glass panels that surround its shared spaces, this house can manage to achieve transparency in an elegant way.


Astrid House 1

Astrid House 2

Astrid House 3

The design of this modern house is also playing with permeability to allow the outside to merge with the inside area. The transparency can be achieved through the large jumbo-sized glass panels on the ground floor that surround the house’s living space. This living space becomes the main focus of the design.



Astrid House 4

Astrid House 5

Astrid House 6

The living space of the house is the main focus of a series of the house shared spaces. And as the center point, the living room becomes a hub that can connect the reflecting pool, pool, and the courtyard to create a much bigger communal area. The translation of the staircase form and the organic flow contrast with the building linear form.



Astrid House 7

Astrid House 8

An array of materials blend in together seamlessly in this house. The blade walls of travertine are matched with the timber batons on the second storey volume. A starks relationship between the two linear forms of the house is set up by the permeability of the travertine harshness with the wooden batons.

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