Artist’s Studio, Thornbury: An Artist’s Studio with A Detailed, Creative Space and Organic Landscape Design

Artist's Studio Thornbury 6

This artist’s studio is located in Thornbury, in the backyard of an existing house. Artist’s Studio, Thornbury is designed by Chan Architecture in collaboration with Phillip Johnson Landscaping. The project brief is to create a detailed, creative space for sculpturing and painting within an organic landscape design.


Artist's Studio Thornbury 1

Artist's Studio Thornbury 2

Artist's Studio Thornbury 3

A beautifully detailed, creative space is designed to encourage and inspire creativity for sculpturing and painting. This awesome studio sits within an organic landscape design that includes a ‘natural’ pool, a waterfall and creek to provide a fun recreational place for the children in the area of the house.



Artist's Studio Thornbury 4

Artist's Studio Thornbury 5

Artist's Studio Thornbury 6

All-natural materials are chosen for the studio with the emphasis on timber and blend it with the rocks and water of the landscape. The blackbutt flooring and plywood are used internally on the studio’s floors, ceiling, and walls as a robust surface for artworks and blurring the traditional boundaries of the ceiling, walls, and floors.



Artist's Studio Thornbury 7

Artist's Studio Thornbury 8

With the natural materials, a unique, sculptured space can be created so it doesn’t look like a conventional residential space. This space is also warm and textures, designed for painting and sculpture with idea indirect light. The studio’s roof can be used to warm the pool water in winter while the pool overflow on rainy days is connected to a creek that runs through the house backyard.

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