Top 10 Benefits of Installing Motorized Blinds in Your Home

Motorized Blinds

Americans’ love affair with home improvement continues to flourish. Last year, homeowners spent more than $400 billion updating their home.

That’s a jaw-dropping figure. What’s more surprising is that two-thirds of homeowners say they aren’t done.

More and more of these homeowners are millennials. What do millennials love? Technology!

That’s evident by the massive number of smart speakers now in their homes. But there are other ways of implementing tech in the home that is both useful and energy efficient.

Are you wondering what those other ways are? The answer is simple: motorized blinds.

The first thing you likely think of is the convenience of motorized blinds, right? Well, there are actually many benefits of having them installed.

In this guide, we’re taking a look at ten of these benefits. By the end, you’ll be reaching for your smart device to find out who installs motorized blinds in your area.

  1. The Obvious: They’re Convenient

Thanks to technology, motorized shades and blinds are now getting installed in more homes. Likewise, there are also more companies getting involved in home automation.

This leads to an increase in convenience. After all, who does want to lounge on the couch and control the brightness of their living room using a remote control?

Beyond the innovative remote control blinds feature itself, these treatments are programmable. Almost every major manufacturer now has motorized window treatments.

If you want to see all the automation available to you, check it out! You can see these window treatments in action!

  1. You’ll Have Increased Privacy

Automatic window shades and blinds are custom made. This means, there are no more ill-fitting treatments hanging from your window frames.

If you have vaulted ceilings, you may have that gorgeous but awkward crescent window above your bay window or another clerestory. Sunlight gets in and there’s not much you can do about it. You’re not hanging window treatments up there, are you?

If you are, you either keep them open or closed at all times. You’re not getting your ladder out several times a day to adjust them, are you?

While no one else is likely hauling their ladder over to your house to peek inside these windows, it does many you feel more safe and secure knowing they’re covered.

With automated blinds covering these windows, you’ll have an increased sense of privacy. You also finally be able to adjust the sunlight that comes in them.

  1. Motorized Blinds Are the Ultimate in Energy Efficiency

Everyone wants to have an energy-efficient home. It’s not only easy on your wallet when your utility bills come in but it’s better on the environment.

Motorized blinds are a great way to make your home more energy efficient.

If your living space faces east, you can keep those blinds closed during the morning. You can program it so your blinds open in the afternoon. You’ll have a cool space during the summer.

It works the opposite in the winter.

Forty-three percent of your utility bill goes to heating and cooling. Having energy-efficient windows reduces the amount of heat and cool air that gets lost. But, you can save even more on your heating and cooling costs by having automated window treatments that are a perfect fit.

Some are solar powered, adding to their efficiency.

  1. Less Wear and Tear on Your Window Treatments

How many times have you replaced your blinds or shades due to cords breaking or the material getting damaged? If you’re like most people, you stretch them out as long as you can.

This is usually 7-8 years for high-quality blinds. But, that’s not what most people do. They go to their local big-box retailer and grab the cheapest available.

Well, you know what they say, “You get what you pay for.”

Cheaper materials and workmanship lead to more breakage and more money spent to get new ones. If you go with motorized blinds, there are no cords to pull too tight on. They won’t get tangled and you won’t break slats opening and closing them.

  1. Protection from Harmful UV Rays

You now know how important having energy-efficient windows and treatments are. But, have you thought about the damage UV rays cause when it comes to your furniture?

The fabric fades and wood warps. But, because motorized blinds are custom fit to your windows and are higher-quality materials, UV damage gets reduced.

  1. Great for Hard to Reach Windows

Let’s circle back to the high crescent window and clerestory. Not only will motorized blinds give you added privacy, but you can actually have window treatments that fit them!

New homes are getting built with larger windows that are higher in measurement. It’s hard to find window treatments that fit. If you do find them, are you able to open and close them?

This is no longer an issue with automated blinds or shades.

  1. Adds Value to Your Home

It’s difficult to put a hard value on how much value window treatments add to your home. But, it’s no doubt they do increase your home’s worth.

For starters, a potential buyer will know they’ll have lower heating and cooling costs. Motorized blinds also have the “Wow” factor going for them.

The convenience, technology, and customization of these blinds all add to a buyer’s interest.

  1. They’re Wireless Which Means They’re Safer

Did you know that two children a day end up in the emergency room due to blind-related injuries? They’re also a direct hazard for pets.

Without cords, you don’t have to worry about injuries or strangulation. This makes automated blinds safer if you have children and pets.

  1. They’re Reliable

Motorized blinds fit better, made better, and have better materials. This means they’ll last longer. By some estimates, they can last 50% longer than traditional window treatments.

Without the cords that get damaged or slats that break from getting opened or closed too hard, this makes them much more reliable.

  1. They Look Great

Let’s face it, they look amazing! They’re a perfect fit and because they’re wireless, your windows aren’t as cluttered.

There are many colors and materials to choose from, so you’ll find a style that complements your aesthetic.

Are You a Futurist?

Motorized blinds have so many benefits from adding value to your home to being more convenient.

They’re quiet and some are solar powered. You can program them to work with your WiFi thermostat or use a remote. They’re a lot more versatile than you thought, aren’t they?

Best of all, they’re less expensive than you may think. Plus, they’ll pay for themselves in the money you save on your utility bill.

For more exciting interior design ideas, check out our interiors collection.

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  1. I found it interesting how you mentioned how motorized blinds are perfect for hard to reach windows because they are remotely operated. My wife and I have a really hard to reach window above our stairwell that lets in a lot of heat in the summer months and we are too old to climb a ladder each time we want to open or close them. I will keep this in mind as we search for a blinds store that carries motorized blinds so we can keep our home manageable!

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