Top Picks of Smart Home Gadget Products and Their Practical Uses

Creative Home Gadget Product 27
Creative Home Gadget Product 27

It seems like more and more people are attached to their smart devices to perform trivial to a more significant task. Say, “Alexa, play music country”, or “Google, turn my TV on”, is something you often hear these days. Now, when it comes to choosing home gadget products, you should consider its function and practical uses, because, hey, it’s supposed to make your work lighter not adding to your burden.

In 2019, we carefully pick top 7 of home gadget products that will make your life easier. Take a look.

Philips’ Smart Light Kit

Philiips Hue

Why not trying to save the earth from your very own home? Philips introduces its smart lighting system that is compatible with Apple, Google, and Amazon devices for controlling purposes. The system allows you to connect the bulbs and router to your smart devices using a bridge unit; its uses including set schedules to turn on or off the lights. If you get out of the house and forget to turn off the light, for instance, you can also use your smartphone to do the job

Nest’s Smart Doorbell


The company presents Nest’s Hello for your smart home gadget products that act as a video doorbell. The device allows you to set greeting message and notify when people press the button, particularly when you have Google Home. It will also send a voice alert to your phone when you’re not around and tell the person to come back later using the mic and speaker features–when a person is loitering around your house, you’ll get the alert even they don’t press the button. This smart doorbell is compatible with Google and Amazon devices.

Eve’s Smart Power Switch

Eve Light Switch

It works like an electricity socket, only smarter. The Eve Energy’s power switch allows you into the simplest way of home automation. It works by plugging into the wall socket and then plug whatever device you want to turn on like a fan, a kettle, a TV, and so on. Then, in a similar way of browsing the internet, you can say, “Hey, Siri, turn the TV on”, or “Hey, Siri, turn my living room light on”. With this, it’s also easier to monitor your electrical use, and it’s equipped with a motion sensor to turn a device on or off. The power switch is compatible with Apple devices only.

Nest’s Smart Smoke Detector

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Nest comes with another inventive home gadget product called Nest Protect that uses to detect any smoke present in your house. The device is capable of differentiating between smoke and steam with its smart sensor feature, so you can cook at ease knowing it won’t trigger the alarm. The good thing is, before it turns the actual alarm on, Nest’s smoke detector will alert your phone first. This device is compatible with Google and Amazon devices.

The four smart home gadget products are mostly voice activated; Google has Google Home, Apple comes with its Apple’s Home apps, while Amazon introduces its most advanced voice-activated system called Alexa. A wide variety of smart home gadget products is designed to fit the modern lifestyle and technologically helps to reduce energy.


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